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  1. Thank you Irene and everybody, all of your information was helpful I found where I needed to go. Thank you again, Adam Sitoko
  2. All that gets me is the post that UnkleBob put up - and I don't know where to go from there.
  3. I never got a confirm button, it just canceled on my end, I think the browser I use is set up to automatically accept all popups that ask questions like that, I'm using Safari, not IE or Firefox
  4. When I do that, it doesn't allow me to submit a ticket - I have a basic account and this is the message I recieve when I click "Submit Ticket" Although your account type may not give you full access to our support team, you may find an answer to your question by presenting it to other residents! Visit SL Answers here.
  5. Hello, I am messaging you to report that earlier this morning I had accidently clicked the "Cancel Account" link under the account section while I was browsing through my account. Would there be a way to stop the pending cancelation so my account does not become canceled? Adam Sitoko
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