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  1. haha...know anyone? i wish it were that easy
  2. So....Im trying to meet people and thought it would be fun to just randomly meet whoever decides to IM me and we can try going on a blind date or just hang out and talk for 20 min or longer :) About me: late 20's, USA, female.. I love all kinds of music and am an avid movie and TV watcher haha I also read quite a bit if you want to talk books. Sports: Im a Ravens and Dodgers fan and dont really follow Basketball other than im a Lakers fan by default. Hit me up :) ~Lara
  3. not a couple...sorry...but im drama free and have been in SL since '06. Im also in my late-20s/early 30s
  4. same here...im willing to teach etc...also looking for friends send me an IM
  5. haha....seriously. Im just wandering around...Ive been here for years and still its an enigma to me
  6. Hi all - Ive been on and off SL since '06 and the only way Ive been able to successfully find friends is by engaging in an RP (i.e. Gor). I kinda want to avoid that for now and just want to make some friends to hangout with. Im having a hard time figuring out where people go to meet friends on here? Ive gone to a few clubs but everyone seems to be stuck in IMs and unwilling to talk back to me. Every group ive encourtered also seems to be very cliquey and unwelcoming :( So yeah...where can i meet some cool people to hang out with? ~ Lara
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