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  1. Hi, I'm after quotes for mesh work for Anglo-Saxon/Norman style chain mail armour including a mail coif and tunic that goes underneath. I will require options such as short sleeve, long sleeve, and the ability to wear chain mail and tunic separately, so being able to wear the chain mail over the tunic and wearing the tunic individually with short and long sleeve lengths. (For wearing the chain mail over the tunic, having some of the tunic showing at the edges etc, or combination of short sleeve chain mail with long sleeve tunic.) I will also need resell rights. The mesh will need to be fitted for SL avatars If you could message me privately either here or in world at Alexie Vlodovic with a quote that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I need a full perm sculpted earth mound for wooden palisades that I'm building. Just need a raised earth mound to fit the wooden palisades. Please IM me in world @ Alexie Vlodovic and let me know how much. Cheers!
  3. Selling a full 15,000 prim region $US 300 + $US 100 (Transfer Fee) Tier due: 21st September (enjoy a few weeks rent free) No pre-requisite to move, must rename. Contact: Alexie Vlodovic
  4. So does that mean the price will include a month's tier?
  5. One thought on this, the reason LL is pushing for this now because of the crap USD and their loss of profit from the international markets cause their currencies are so much stronger... Just saying...
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