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  1. I just got back into SL too and looking for mates to RP within the Cyberpunk theme. I normally rp from a ship and just go sim hopping, just to keep the rp interesting and new! Wanna form a new crew together?
  2. I was thinking of a smuggler and ship captain, as I also like exploring other sims I normally roleplay onboard a ship and use that to go sim hopping. Ganymede station I plan to use as a home base to refit, resupply and replace crew members.
  3. Background The invention of the Epstein drive by Solomon Epstein has propelled humanity further out into the solar system. Once limited to colonising the inner solar system, the new technology allows humanity to travel further and faster than it could before. Ganymede sits at the forefront of the new human colonisation effort of the outer solar system. It acts as the stepping stone to colonising the other moons and asteroid belt of the solar system. With a ground base now established, inhabitants of Earth and Mars are now migrating to the outer system in the hopes of building a better future for themselves and their children. The Premise I'm currently working on a sci-fi build set in the late 22nd century based on the Expanse series. It'll be set prior to the start of the expanse series focusing on the initial colonisation of Ganymede , one of Jupiter's moons and the largest moon in the solar system. The role play will be focused on player versus environment and developing character stories and relationships. Life will be set around living in a human outpost colony at the edge of human colonisation within the sol system. I want to utilize the environment as a factor in driving group roleplay. The Expanse is set in the near future and is based on plausible science and realism, the authors have done a great job in utilizing this to drive the storylines. So things like life support systems failures, surviving in low gravity and its effects on the human body, manoeuvring ships realistically in space (orbital burns, Hohman transfers. Being an outpost colony far from Earth and Mars' security forces and supervision, I also see Ganymede station as being rampant with crime and smugglers. Moving Forward What I'm looking for are keen sci-fi roleplayers that want to help develop the sim and flesh out the stories. I'm currently a one-man development team so work would be slow so any help would be appreciated. Most importantly, I'm after roleplayers that just want to role play! Attached below are some images of the build so far. PS. My in-world name is Alexie Vlodovic And for those that are wondering, in the images is a to-scale replica of the Rocinante that is 50% done.
  4. Hi, I'm after quotes for mesh work for Anglo-Saxon/Norman style chain mail armour including a mail coif and tunic that goes underneath. I will require options such as short sleeve, long sleeve, and the ability to wear chain mail and tunic separately, so being able to wear the chain mail over the tunic and wearing the tunic individually with short and long sleeve lengths. (For wearing the chain mail over the tunic, having some of the tunic showing at the edges etc, or combination of short sleeve chain mail with long sleeve tunic.) I will also need resell rights. The mesh will need to be fitted for SL avatars If you could message me privately either here or in world at Alexie Vlodovic with a quote that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I need a full perm sculpted earth mound for wooden palisades that I'm building. Just need a raised earth mound to fit the wooden palisades. Please IM me in world @ Alexie Vlodovic and let me know how much. Cheers!
  6. Selling a full 15,000 prim region $US 300 + $US 100 (Transfer Fee) Tier due: 21st September (enjoy a few weeks rent free) No pre-requisite to move, must rename. Contact: Alexie Vlodovic
  7. Hey, Not sure if you're checked out Media but we're a small role play community set in the Roman countryside. It's built around a farming estate belonging to the Scipio and we have a number of EU and UK TZ players. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Media-55BC-Roman-Farming-Estate-G-amp-S-Supported-Sim/td-p/3047817 If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to IM myself, Alexie Vlodovic
  8. So does that mean the price will include a month's tier?
  9.  The Setting: Nestled in the rolling hills of the Italian peninsular, resting along the banks of the Tiber, sits a little village called Media (pronounced May-dia) built around the Scipio Farming Estate. The Estate has been around nearly as long as the Scipio family and serves as the main centre of the production of the famous Scipio Vina that at one point graced the lips of every Roman citizen in the region from Ostia through to Capua. Through the years the estate has declined, and its once bustling village has become but a shadow of its past. However, the eldest of the Scipio family and heir to the vast Scipio wealth has returned from his service as Legatus in the tenth Legion. With his return, he has made it his duty to restore Media to its former glory and re-establish the Estate as producer of fine wines. In the surrounding countryside, hidden among the forests and the hills sits a derelict Ludus belonging to the Decimus family. Another recently returned member from the legions, Marcus Decimus hopes to build the family Ludus, gifted to him by his late uncle. For his endeavour he will require gladiators and trainers, the best he hopes, that all of the Roman Republic has to offer. He hopes to take his gladiators to entertain the Roman public all across the Roman Republic. Available Roles: There are a multitude of roles available in Media, as there is plenty of work on the Estate to be completed daily. The most vital role to the running of the Estate is Farmhands. Farmhands will be given a home for themselves and their family and lands for plant fields in exchange for their work on the estate. Alternatively, farmhands can negotiate a portion of the Estate's production in exchange for their services. - Farmhands - The Scipio family has called out to the best farmers far and wide, offering both a home for them and their family and private land for their own cultivating and production in exchange for their services in helping to maintain the Estate. Farmhands that wish to work the land may also choose to negotiate with the Scipio family, rather than tending to their own crops and fields, on top of working the estate's land they can perhaps negotiate for a share of the production in exchange for their services. The responsibilities of the farmhand is not to just work the land itself and tend to the tasks of the estate but also to supervise and direct the slaves of the estate towards productive tasks. - Slaves - Slaves are important to the running of the estate. Slaves are responsible for a multitude of tasks involving, cooking, tending to the fields, tending to the livestock, working the mines, and all forms of manufacturing throughout the estate just to name a few. Life of a slave on the Scipio Estate in Media is a busy one to say the least, but hard working slaves are well treated and reap the rewards of their loyalty and hard work. - Tavern Master - There is an opening for the Tavern Master at the local Inn in Media. What was originally a simple Roman home has since been turned into a small Inn in order to house the travellers going between Rome and Ostia. Tasks and duties of the Tavern Master will be to accommodate visiting guests and see to their every need. The Tavern Master will also be responsible for providing a relaxed venue for the local inhabitants to come and relax after a long hard day's work out on the fields. Available facilities (G&S): Media utilises the G&S system in order to enhance role play for its role players. Not only must the local inhabitants attend to the land, fields and livestock of the estate but local production facilities are also available. - Blacksmith - Kitchen - Mines - Grape Press - Loom & Spinning Wheel - Barrel Maker - Local Market Stalls - Grain Trader - Gold Trader *Note, these facilities are only available to Role Players. The Role Play: The role play in Media is centered around living in the country, farming and producing of goods. Other role play also involves the transport of goods for trade not just at the local Market but across the rest of the Second Life Grid in the Ancient cities. Media is a part of the Ancient Cities Alliance which offers ample opportunity to travel to the cities in order to not also conduct trade of goods but also engage in cross sim role play. If this is something that you would be interested in then please do no hesitate to visit Media or contact Alexie Vlodovic directly for further details. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fiori%20Del%20Giardino/129/128/3001
  10. Hey guys and gals, Just posting up a little something I've put together for my RP that I'm happy to open up to the public for other Role Players to also utilize. I quite enjoy Sci Fi rp, and I often travel over multiple sims to many different Sci Fi sims to conduct my role plays just to keep things interesting. I enjoy role playing a pirate/smuggler, however during my travels I've not had a safe haven to call home or a place to hire and/or join a crew. Hence I built Sydney's rest. The idea behind Sydney's Rest is a safe haven for the likes of Space pirates and smugglers. It's a simple station with basic facilities such as a hangar, a market to trade wares and a cantina. I'm hoping people will utilize it as an area to meet other like minded players to then go on and develope their own RPs and stories in the far flung reaches of the SL galaxy ;) Over time I hope to develope the station and add more facilities such as temporary short term accomodation, medical bay and what ever else people suggest to me. I'm also happy to open up the sim to those that wish to rez their ships and sky boxes for their own personal role play. The Sim is limited to group members only so any of you interested just hit me up in-game for a group invite and the reason behind why you want to build on Sim. I will try to accomodate you as best as I can. Well that's enough of a rant from me, below you'll find photos and a slurl to the location in SL. Happy pirating! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strand/123/118/1997 
  11. Just an update on the RP which is now getting into full swing! We have a great crew and a dedicated sim to the RP! The story so far is that a group of scoundrels and misfits have come together in order to pursue a better life as smugglers. However they are trapped on a mining colony which they have since escaped via a stolen shuttle. Now our unlikely adventurers are on their way to aquire a ship of their own to call home. WIll they be succesful? Stay tuned! The upcoming Role Play as the story progresses will involve aquiring stripped ship (bar its engines and life support) which the crew will then have fit out by 'aquiring' (stealing, purchasing, etc) the parts they need to make the ship perform the tasks and duties that they require of them. While our crew is now full we're trying to accomodate any one that wishes to join! So if you're interested give myself a yell and I'll get back to you ASAP. Here are some photos for every one in the meantime.
  12. Just a quick update. So a bit about myself. I've been role playing in SL since 2008. I've role played in all types of Sims and role plays from sci fi, fantasy, historical to modern day. I'm currently role playing in Remnants of Earth a fantastic cyber punk themed Sim. Since this post yesterday our crew has now grown to a size of 3! Yay! We've also begun construction on our yet to be named smuggler's ship which will be what we use for role play during 'transit' between systems and planets. At the moment we're looking at capping the crew at 5 so hope to here from more of you soon!
  13. G'day every one! I love to RP all things Sci Fi across multiple sims. I'm seeking a crew of misfits that wish to join me on my adventures across the galaxy. What am I offering by joining the crew? - A ship (some what space worthy) to call home. - Some great and fun role playing adventures across multiple sim and environments - Other friends to enjoy Sci Fi rping with. If you are interested please PM Alexie Vlodovic in world!
  14. Hi guys, So I recently started work on a Post-Apocalypse Sim. I'm hoping to develope a role play community around this sim. I'm not expecting massive numbers, but as long as we have a core group of role players that are on regularly so we can build a story and have some fun! The role play will start off featured around the town of 'Tasseract'. Myself being a character has stumbled across this town after following a train line. Tasseract is an end of the line town nestled on the coast. There is no signs of life, and the town is well and truely abandoned. At the moment 'Gouldie' is wandering the streets seeking a new place to call home. I would be great if more survivors were to stumble across this town! All I have built at the moment is a town, with abandoned buildings. No barricades, nothing. I'm hoping our group of survivors will come together and slowly rebuild society together. The survivors will need to scavenge the area for what ever supplies they can gather and also find a base to call home. Of course this does not mean that aggressors are not welcome either! Infact what's the point of an apocalypse with out agressors? This Sim of course is a para rp sim and they'll be no combat system. Its not about fighting but the relationships, the dailogue and the character interactions. If you are interested in joining in, please hit up Alexie Vlodovic in game. Otherwise feel free to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tesseract/113/67/29 And now, a background story. Hope you enjoy! The cities were hit the hardest when it first started. The Virus. At first no one believed it was true, the rate it was spreading at was just unbelievable and every one just passed it off as media hype. Then the hospitals started filling up. Before we knew it they were full. Once the hospitals started falling apart from overflowing and the Virus continue to spread at an alarming rate, doctors and nurses stopped showing up choosing instead to hide away and look after their own family. Eventually all emergency services ceased to exist. First the emergency services went, then the fire department and eventually the police were gone also. The army maintained order for a short time but eventually they also disappeared. Finally the government just shut down, when that happened the entire grid went with them. People were left to fend for themselves and that’s when the true horrors began. It became a dog eat dog world with everyone looking out for themselves, and I don’t blame them. It was kill, or be killed. Before long the cities became nothing more than empty grave yards, a relic of an age gone. Some remote towns continued to survive but eventually the Virus also got to them. No one’s ever figured out why, but whilst the Virus killed ruthlessly the majority of the population it turned a minority into raging psychopaths, monsters. They would attack uninfected humans, tearing them to pieces before feasting on their dead bodies ripping flesh from bone. Its all gone now. Society, cities. People. All the luxuries we once enjoyed just faded away into dust. Just a fading memory. Those of us that are left have become wanderers, surviving day by day. No hope. No future. All that’s left is to survive, and eventually fade away with time.
  15. Your rise to power a tactical guide in your rise to power Through this guide I hope to impart on you, ideas on how you can map your route to power. At the end of the day, the most important part of your rise to power within Florence is to Role Play with as many people as possible and spread your influence and through this gain support. From humble beginnings… You begin your journey establishing your familia. Your first order of business is to establish a shop within the city of Florence. In order to establish your shop you will first need to find yourself; a banker that will loan you the funds and; a merchant that will supply you with the raw goods in order to manufacture the final products. After you obtain the required funds and raw goods (You must aquire their signatures before submitting it to the Signoria), you then submit your application to the Signoria. Depending on the banker and merchant who had assisted you the Signoria will assign you a shop. Your shop will be determined by who your support and how much influence you hold in the city of Florence. Therefore it is important in the beginning to approach bankers and merchants with high influence. However, the more powerful banker and merchant families might only deal with more influential familias. Note* Through the support of the bankers and merchants you may be required to support their familia or faction in return for their support. You can betray them, however this may cause you problems through retaliation of breaking a promise or favour. Establishing your familia From here the options are endless in your rise through the ranks. Ally with your sponsor You may choose to ally with your Sponsor who helped you establish yourself. By allying with them you are choosing to become part of their Faction and support their family in their rise to fame and fortune. Through their rise you will also rise yourself through the ranks, in their shadow of course. Ally with another faction You may choose to ally with another family and join their faction. However, be careful with your move as you will quickly make enemies in betraying your sponsors that had helped you established yourself. In Florence, favours are seldom forgotten. Form your own faction The more ambitious families will choose to start up their own faction from the beginning. Though a harder route, you will be the leader of your faction leading it to greater fame and glory within Florence. Your Faction may also choose to support another more powerful and influential familia/Faction in order to elevate them and in turn the mutual benefit being the elevation of your Faction to a higher status. Your Faction A Faction exists when a familia has the support of one or more familia. The Faction bears the name of the familia with the support. Other Factions can exist within a Faction and familias and Factions can take away their support for a Faction and give it to another. The only things holding a faction together is trust and loyalty. The purpose of forming a Faction is to coordinate the familias that support you more easily. A Faction is a representation of not only just your familia but the other support familias and Factions. This gives you a good idea of your level of influence as you strive to become Florence’s premier familia. Remember though, at the end of the day some one that is part of your faction holds no value until the time comes to vote. By being part of your faction they are only pledging their allegiance to your familia, however they may still vote for another Faction or Familia. *Note that all voting is anonymous so you may not know who is truly loyal to you and whether someone voted for you. You could have a traitor within your ranks and not know it. So be careful of who you trust. Gaining Support At the end of the day support boils down to votes. A citizen or familia that supports you will give you their vote. Accumulation of votes and with enough votes will see you a seat of power on the Signora. Support can be gained a number of ways with the most basic being Role Playing and influencing others to gain their support and vote. Establishing a Faction with trust worthy and loyal followers is a good start as it will allow you to see organise your followers but also have a clear picture of those that are loyal to you. Your followers can further assist you by spreading your influence and influencing other familias to vote for you. You may also have another Faction support yours in the hopes that by you gaining more power also elevates the Faction backing you. For instance, as your faction rises to the top you will receive assets within the city of Florence one you obtain the position of a Signoria. You can then grant these assets to your loyal followers to thank them for their support and loyalty. However, break your promises and you will find your followers abandoning you and joining other factions and support other familias. Power Struggle The struggle for power doesn’t just end with gaining a seat in the Signoria. On top of maintaining your power on the Signoria you also have to contend with the other Signorias. Other Signorias may work against you by trying to remove familias with less influence from the position of Signoria and establishing another familia as a Signoria that supports them. Of course this is a double edged sword and you can do the same by helping to elevate your supporters to the rank of Signoria. It is also important to remember the principles of ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. You may find that by having no allies within the Signoria you’ll quickly find yourself relieved of your position through a unanimous to remove you from the seat of power. This can work both ways, all the weaker familias could band together to vote out the top dog whilst at the same time the most powerful familia may try to remove less significant familias in order to replace you with one of their supporters. The ultimate victor in this power struggle will be the familia that has the full support of the Signoria which grants them ultimate power and control over the Republic of Florence. Agents Agents will be an integral part of your rise to power as they will be able to not only help in gaining you support but also gaining the support of members of a rival Faction. A tactic may be to install an agent within a faction in order to mislead your rival faction. This puppet may choose to pledge allegiance to your rival’s faction but secretly votes for you misleading your rival to believe he has more votes than he does. Depending on the skill level of your agent he may also subvert other familias to support your faction instead. Obviously this is a double edged sword and the same could happen to your faction. Another tactic is to place agents at the voting booth on voting day. These agents will be able to spy and report back to you whether any of your loyal followers had betrayed you and voted for someone else or maybe you had gained a secret follower. Highly skilled agents may then become a valuable asset and highly sort after, in which instance one may act solely as an agent and sell their skills out to the highest bidder. Obviously become too infamous and everyone will not trust you or your services.
  16. So I've begun building the sim and developing the concepts and ideas further for this role play, fleshing it out. I'll update soon with the mechanics of the role play, but for now here are some pictures of the progress!
  17. Repubblica di Firenze La Repubblica The year is 1428 in the Republic of Florence. It is the dawn of the Renaissance. As Europe recovers from the Black Death, Florence is a rising economic power. The Golden Florin is the first European gold coin to be struck in sufficient quantity to play an important commercial role in the region. To further their wealth, the conclusion of the war with Milan in 1427 just a year prior, Florence is reaping the rewards of being the Victor. With the economic wealth and power, Florence would spear head the new revolution that would come to be known as the Renaissance. Investing heavily in arts and education, the city of Florence would become the centre of the Renaissance and also the beginning of the Renaissance. Though to the rest of Europe Florence appeared as a great power of the time, behind the scenes a power struggle was ensuing for the heart and soul of Florence, as families big and small manoeuvred for power and influence. As the families vie for control of this great city, who among them will rise up and be the masters of Florence? What is your role in Florence? Hundreds of roles exist within the Role Play to cater for all individual needs. For those of you just wanting to role play and have a bit of fun you can choose to play any number of roles from physicians through to bakers. For those of you that want to be part of the struggle for power, game mechanics exist to see you elevate yourself to prominence and try to become the most familia of all of Florence. The focus here will be on role playing bust also adding a level of lies, deceit, back stabbing and a number of tactics in order to establish your familia as the more powerful in all of Florence. La Famiglia Families have been a crucial part of the social structure of the Latins and Italians since the founding of the Roman Republic. Each family will fight to elevate itself to greater fame and glory, manoeuvring and out-manoeuvring other competing families to become the greatest family of the Republic of Florence. How will you be remembered? Will the people chant your name and praise its glory, or will they curse the day your kin were born? At the end of the day, all you have is your name and the legacy it leaves behind. Lotta per il potere (Power Struggle) What will be your role in this great republic? Will you be at the forefront, elevating the great Republic and your family? Or will you stand behind the scenes, guiding your puppets into place and asserting your power secretly? Maybe you choose to be the champion of the people, gaining the support of the masses to over throw the old rulers. The choice is yours in this struggle for power as you vie for control of the Republic of Florence. Power Structure Signoria The Signoria are at the top of the social and power ladder. They are elected members by the people of Florence who are responsible for the administration and the running of Florence. Collectively they vote and pass laws and reforms. The members are voted in monthly. A total of 9 Signoria exist and this is also further broken down in rankings from 1 through to 9 based on the influence of the Signoria’s Familia. The higher ranked the Signoria has the more holdings and assets they are granted by the state. More assets and holdings mean you can use your assets and holdings to gain more support from other familias. Faction A faction exists when a familia has the support of one or more familia. A faction is the first step towards becoming a Signoria. Through support of your Faction one can elevate themselves through support, popularity and voting to becoming a member of the Signoria. Familia The very basic of power in Florence, the Familia exists as a house. From here, the house hold leader can attempt to elevate the family status to one day even becoming a member of the Signoria Citizen As a citizen of the Republic you have the most basic of rights that all citizens are granted. Predominantly the most important one being the right to vote. Having the right to vote is what gives each and every citizen of the republic power. Powerful and influential familias will have to appease the commoners in order to win votes to further their political gain and prestige within the republic.
  18. One thought on this, the reason LL is pushing for this now because of the crap USD and their loss of profit from the international markets cause their currencies are so much stronger... Just saying...
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