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  1. Hi :)) We're looking for an SL experienced DJ to do one (or two) sets on our fairly newly created vintage American lake house region. You know the genre....50s to 80s? We're willing to add a generous tip to those from the audience. Ideally, we'd like one European-time set and one US-time zone party per week but if you can do only one, we're still interested! Want to see the sim where you would be playing? Here's a link to our Flickr and here's the slurl to the landing area. https://www.flickr.com/photos/150472339@N02/albums/72157696567721470 Take a look around if you're interested? The clubhouse is in the barn. IM Hetty Harlequin for a chat? Ta!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I don't think it's a connection problem on my behalf as, on the same PC with the same connection, I don't have a problem with another account (my alt). I'll raise a ticket. Looks like a server issue to me.
  3. Me too...its getting really bad. I often get a white misty screen with Not Responding too before it logs me in...then I stay logged in for a few secs but if I try to tp anywhere.,..or even adjust volume..it boots me! Never had this problem in five years...only happened since I dled the new Viewer. Help please LL? Its frustrating as hell (and it sure aint my PC or net connection).
  4. (I should add that I know you put the scipt into Contents but dont know how to link it to a specific url)
  5. Hetty Harlequin

    url scripts

    Can anyone tell me how I embed a url in an object? I have a load url script but no instructions. thx! :))
  6. Hiya Tinkerer, (thx for asking!) Re. the issues stated above, the very next day a Linden IMed me and we now have our cash ) W're having some serious issues re. sky tping above 100m and the prim counts on sub parcels seems screwed (same no of prims used for all subdivided parcels regardless of size or whats on them) so I'm contacting a concierge to help with that cos we've spent hours trawling KB and...cant find answers.
  7. Hey Tinkerer...oh we tried that; buying LIndens, etc..and no go. Says no facility to purchase set up. Dashboard just shows what we all (with our own money) have bought in terms of L$s. No $ deposits. Bummer, eh? :smileyindifferent:
  8. Cheers, Thinkerer. Update: I found on another thread in the forum how to solve the problem of people other than the sim owner not getting access to the island. Twas our ignorance that when you have an entire region, you have to set Estate settings to Public Access as well as Land settings. A little advice on matters like this when you purchase a region might be a useful addition though, Lindens? So now we're just waiting for our L's :smileysad:
  9. Hah...Antonio...I think that advice re. Estate Setting to Public Access may have just resolved an issue I posted about earlier today. Thanks!
  10. Hey Thinkerer. Re. your queries: "The person who does have access to the sim must be listed as the owner. Normally the owner can can control who can enter the sim. What happens when the person tries to set the access to let other people come in?" Yes, the person who has access to the sim is listed as the owner and yes, I too thought that whoever is owner can control who can access the sim (via Access in Estate Info, etc). But when we add anyone else, it just won't let them in. We even created a Group, added all the team members ot that and set Access to Group...but nope. Nothing. No-one but the owner can access it. "When you say no L's to build with, are you saying that you have not received a stipend or that you are also unable to transfer funds into your SL account from the account set up by the university? If the latter, did the university set up any arrangement to pay additional money beyond the cost of the land?" When we ordered the region, our order included a bulk purchase of $1,500 of L$s to fund building and admin. Although it's recorded that all funds (including the $1,500 for the L$s) were received on April 3rd we haven't yet had a single L$ credited to our account (the purchasers account) ....and as they haven't as yet replied to the numerous emails we've sent them, we don't know what the hold up is in delivering our L$s. It's the lack of communication and explanation that's becoming wearing (also the fact that we were scheduled to present the island and conduct a hands-on workshop at a Learning & Teaching Conference in the UAE...next Monday. :smileymad: I'd be interested to see your blog, if you do one!
  11. Thanks for that. I didn't even know a Concierge team existed! Contact numbers etc, easily found on website? Or would it be too much to ask you for the contact details?
  12. Im part of a team of academics from a UK university who recently purchased one of the themed private regions on which to build a uni campus. We first placed our order in November last year and were given access to it 5-6 weeks ago. (bad enough in itself). Well, I say access...the member of staff whose name was no the Invoice was given acces to it; as yet we haven't gained full access for all our group's members as LL are taking an exceedingly long time in processing the invoice (and give us our bulk order of $1,500 worth of L$ too!). We've phoned Billing Support a number of times to see what is taking so long (and they were very nice people but said thay didn't have a phone number for the Invoice Dept -curious indeed - and we should contact them by their email address. Having done just that (numerous times), we've failed to get a single response from Invoicing (really quite rude to not even acknowledge the email?) and it seems we're in an impasse. We've handed over $4,000 and for 4 weeks have an island that only one person can access.....and no L's to build with (in fact we've resorted to using our own money to make *some progress*). Pretty poor show all round, LL. Sooo..I was wondering...has anyone come up against the same issues and how did they resolve it? (Or did they just flit to Open Source?) :D
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