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  1. Welcome to PRESTIGE LIVING in Second Life --------------------------------------------------------------------- Prestige Living Second Life offers more then just beautiful homes in breath taking surroundings, it is a way of life. It is for those who want the finer things in life. Prestige Living isn't about talking to our residents during just the viewing of our stunning homes, it is about providing personalised service to meet the needs of each individual. It is gold class rental at it's most finest. WE LISTEN TO YOUR NEEDS Offering beautifully furnished homes for couples and families wit
  2. Early childhood learning teachers wanted. Must have experience. Please contact JOHN ZELNIK inworld for more details
  3. Looking for a energetic, driven person with rental property experience who's main duties will include but not be limited to: - Advertising - Being first point of contact in relation to rental information - Planning Events Must have good English and be able to write creatively . Must also be honest and reliable but most importantly DRAMA FREE!!! Please contact John Zelnik in world.
  4. Shelly Phelps also known as Euterpe Queller I Second life Shelly is from Oklahoma City. Here is alittle about her, If you love live music in SL then dont be shy to support these amazing artists in real as well. They put in alot of time and effort to entertain hundreds of people in SL for tiny amounts of linden love. Dont just listen, be apart of something special...... Info About Shelly and her new album.... My name is Shelly Phelps and I’m from Oklahoma City. I am quite passionate about singing, songwriting, and performing and have done so all of my life. The greatest moments of my life ar
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