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  1. Just a last thought. I would be agreeable that the skill gaming poilcy be refined in more detail as to games of hazard, chance and skill. The games of chance exist because people play them. I'm not whining that I'm butt-hurt on losing some L's to games like No Devil, but rather that LL arbitrarily allows such and such while banning another similiar, without a clear defined policy. I would applaud a Linden server dedicated to skill games so that scripts could actually have an AI that allows games as Chess, Checkers, Go, etc. Scripting limits don't allow 1000's lines of code, making even a simp
  2. Since LL pulled the plug on Zyngo some time ago, a new game of chance has taken it's place, "No Devil". The same elements are in this game, when truly it is akin to rolling the dice and not too different than Bingo. It is pure gambling when for example, on 1st spin, one might see the Spider 2x and 3x multipliers revealed. It's very possible you will still lose, and another example, one can nearly clear the board and sit like a monkey pressing next turn maybe 8 or 10 times and gaining no further score, losing the game, when even 1 tile clicked would net a win of the prize. The 'Feels
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