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  1. this is a late answer, but I think if you have a liable situation, it shouldn't be a problem; and as a Gorean, it sounds like a LOT of fun to me to have a more realistic situation. But to answer your question, no I don't think it is a problem as long as the sexual stuff and killing is not involving the kids
  2. Sounds fun! I'll have to check it out when I'm inworld next.
  3. My best suggestions are: Unas and Luas Torvis Gorean Weapons (yes,. they have clothes!!) Atalante As for 'Gorean' keywords, I would use 'Panther', since it is not a very slavey thing.
  4. Wow, no replies, so I'll try to help. My favorite is Arwen's Creations (Arwen Serpente) The other biggest suggestion is the White Armory. (Colton and Bee Dumpling, I think.) Between those two, you will never want again; plus The White Armory gives a gift for group!
  5. Depends on how invested you were into it; three months isn't quite long enough to have perfectly sorted feelings on someone.
  6. A thousand times yes! I see SL relationships as seriously as RL ones. There is no way I would date someone on here, if I was with someone in reality - like now. The though just makes my stomach sick. If you have an open relationship... maybe. Anyone with multiple people usually just can't garner up the courage to tell the other they aren't good enough for them. If you are secure and happy at home, you should have no need for another lover - virtual or real.
  7. This has happenned to many of my friends... and once to me where this guy wouldn't stop following me and asking me to marry him after a not-serious relationship. While SL is great for communications.... There are plenty of nutsos too.... O.- I think I would have just muted her though if she was that bad; I agree with a previous poster would wouldn't want to lose the funds used over the years.
  8. I would go with banning too... Or diallow script running for those not in a certain group.
  9. On my three or so year old desktop I use Exodus, which works great; for my sisters low end laptop she uses Rainbow. She can't see mesh but then again, we don't care about that. Exodus has all that phoenix/firestorm has but with less lag and crashes for me; oh , and it has no area search but a better radar.
  10. I have shared a living area with family and friends for ages, but it seems like no matter what, those horses kill me. Any suggestions? I already run on low settings. Maybe I should derender them?
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