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  1. I don't see this as a problem at all. I have land right next to a roadside on mainland. The pods go past my land all the time. Along with several other vehicles. My SL partner and I have hopped in the pods several times and just gone for a "joy ride". Its fun to see where you end up and look at other people's builds. I don't see them as a problem. To say that "no one rides in them" is to say that YOU don't ride in them. Other people do, and truly enjoy them. If they bother you so much I would suggest moving off mainland.
  2. yeah i reverted back last night. Im currently back on 3.2.6. I have checked for updates on my graphic card, and run the update for the driver. This did not help. After updating the driver I installed 3.2.8 again and had the same problem, so ended up going right back to 3.2.6. Guess I'll wait till the next update and see if the issue is fixed.
  3. So i log in to find there is a viewer update. I download and install the new viewer and log in to find out what is glitching this time. to my surprise it seems to be running quite smoothly. I'm thrilled......until i tp over to my inworld store. as soon as i land i can see that the water is not the yucky blue with no reflections that i used to put up with before i got my brand new computer just over a month ago. I check all my settings and they seem fine. after searching everything i can think of as far as graphics i uninstall the new view and reinstal 3.2.6 and the water is back to it usual beauty. as happy as i am to have my water back im disappointed because the new viewer did seem to run more smoothly then 3.2.6. wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if there is a way to fix it so that i can keep running 3.2.8.
  4. Im lycan all the way and in my roleplay vampires and lycans do indeed fight. I dont have a particular sim that I rp at or with. My partner and I are both lycan and we generally have our own rp going. However, the fight between vampires and Lycans is not really what i wanted to comment on. In reading some of the previous posts I see people referring to Lycans as "werewolf". This is so incorrect in my view. Lycans are much more then meer werewolves. The biggest difference being a werewolf can only change from it human form to a werewolf in the full moon, and lycans can change at will. Lycans are superior to werewolves in many other ways as well. Lycans are stronger, faster, skilled hunters and fighters, driven by rage not just the moon phase and above all....more dangerous. I know some people who are lycan rp this role as being a werewolf. However, in my opinion, I am no werewolf.....I am LYCAN!
  5. What I find really sad about all this is how our opinion matters for nothing. As a parent of a teen son, I would NEVER allow him to come to SL at this age. ESPECIALLY once the grids are combined. As a PAYING customer of SL for the last two years, I would like to think my opinion matter for something here, but after reading all these posts, its obvious to me that my opinion, along with all the others here, mean nothing. Unless LL in blind, it's obvious to me that their current residents do NOT want this to happen. Since it seems to me this all comes down to money, perhaps the only way we will get through to them is to sign some sort of petition stating that if teens are brought to the main grid, they will lose a vast number of their paying accounts. Maybe then our voices would be heard.
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