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  1. So this is a really old build I've been trying to hunt down on the MP with no luck as I don't know the name. It has a dressing room area inside of it and I've seen a few people in SL use it (or one that looks very similar) for like thrift/gacha stores. Does anyone know what building this one is or one similar?
  2. Yup. They even ask applicants to leave because they don't allow women to linger in the club without tipping.
  3. Hi there, I'm looking for someone to RP with casually or something more long-term. I'm not grounded in any one particular sim or genre so I'm pretty open to start up a new story/plot. I have experience doing urban, fantasy, sci-fi (limited), Star Wars (I have a Sith Lord character that has kind of been on hiatus due to a decline in SWRP in SL as of late sadly), and am very flexible to starting something new! If you are interested in RPing sometime, feel free to shoot me an IM in world. My name is Nikko Zelin.
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