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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miramare/191/179/26 992 Square meters, 680 Prims. Beautiful breach front land, surrounded by Linden ocean, and unobstructed view of the sunrise! Absolutely stunning! Cheap price at only L$109,120 only.
  2. What do you consider a good location? What are you looking for?
  3. Well, I just managed to get one minutes ago, I guess I was lucky. Bellisseria, Traditional Home, in Montag. Does it really take weeks for a Bellisseria home to become available?
  4. What type of home are you searching for? Just any Bellisseria home? Traditional or Boathome?
  5. Yes, this is correct! I'm willing to help (and give advice) to anyone interested. Just PM me here, or message me in-world. Thanks!
  6. NEW LOWERED PRICE of only 43k! By far the lowest in the region. (It's only 41 L/sqm) By the way, it can be purchased if you only have 1024 tier by creating your own Group (and inviting one other person to the group), then donating your 1024 tier to the group. The group will recieve a 10% bonus, and you'll be able to own up to 1126 of land. Then, you can just "buy as gorup" when you purchase the land, and boom! You're all set. Please message me in-world if you need any help with this, I'm more than willing to help!
  7. If you're interested, please give me your offer. You can message me here on the forums, or in-world. I'm always open to negotiation.
  8. The size is perfect. It can be owned by anyone with their free premium tier and 10% group bonus. And the position is fine, it's connected to a Linden pathway.
  9. Just an update, I had some interested parties message me in-world about the community, and I explianed there's a parade every year, and Bay City has a really active and friendly community. I can't recommend it enough, it's a bunch of fun.
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