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  1. The first Taste of Bay City event will be taking place this Friday, January 13 at 6:00 PM. Come by if you can to say hi and get to know someone new, over a drink or two! Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Edgartown/124/187/40 You can also get to my place by Water Trolley and car (parking is available). If you have any questions or wish to be the next host contact Matthieu Manamiko.
  2. At Tuesday's Bay City Alliance meeting, we decided to start off the New Year with something a little bit different. Introducing a Taste of Bay City - a casual social event to be held 1-4 times per month where you are the guest one week, and a host the next! Swing by for a low-key evening to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, network, chill to music perhaps, or share a laugh over dinner and drinks. Being a host means that you have a place within Bay City for guests to gather. Invitations will be sent out as group notices to the Bay City Alliance group, since everyone is welcome. The host chooses a few possible dates/times that work for them, and can then provide a voting link (e.g. with www.doodle.com -no account registration required) or manually collect RSVPs and see which date and time works best. Then a second notice goes out letting everyone know the finalized date, time, and location. Can't attend a gathering? No worries. Maybe you can attend the next one. Low-key, low-pressure, informal and fun is the goal. Get to know not only your neighbours but all residents in our fantastic community! I volunteered to be the first host, and I hope to hold a gathering within the next week or two. Just now I created a poll to see what date works best for everyone. You can go to this link below and checkmark your availability for next week: http://www.doodle.com/xhngiu8awivvnyys If you have any questions or wish to be the next host contact Matthieu Manamiko. Thanks and enjoy the weekend!
  3. Hello everyone, I have a nice 1024 square meter sea-side winter parcel in one of the permanent-snow mainland regions. It sits at the bottom of a hill by the water, with a view of a void ocean region (i.e. not sailable, but an unblockable view). The view outside the windows is really magnificent. See two pictures attached. I am thinking of selling my parcel in the future (feel free to make an offer now, I might take you up on it!) but in the mean time I would like to rent it out for L$300 per week to help pay for land use fees. It is a 234-prim parcel, and if you want to keep the structure/house there it is 37 prims. The stairs are 1 prim, and the fireplace inside is 4 prims. With the bench and trees that's another 12 prims, leaving 180 prims for decorating. I can leave or take out everything, no problem. If you would like to view the property inSL, please contact Matthieu Manamiko in-world. Thanks! Parcel view ocean view
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