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  1. i sold my sim, Full Region 20 000 prims for 270 USD or 68 000 L$ https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forest of Gor/128/128 Tiers is already pay for a full month, next payment is the 2019-11-18 If interessed contact me
  2. it's ok , i not need anymore, find one.
  3. Hello, i search a homestead for buy at a price reasonable. Contact me in world.
  4. aye is what i think to , and for have a answer of sim estate owner , already need she come online and she offline since 2 month now and no news, this a problem . but ty for your answer.
  5. hello , i m admin estate manager on a sim called North Azuria and the sim estate owner is offline since the 16 june and nobody has of news of her , i send several email at her since 2 month for know about the sim on SL but no answers. i know the date of payement was around of 19 of month. My question is : how i can know if the sim was pay by her or if it risk are soon gone ?? i looked on the website of secondlife in help for submit a ticket, but there is no questions about this type issue, i send also some IM at of techniciens of Linden Lab of group concierge land, but them mean to busy for answers. and here is a personn who can help me please ?
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