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  1. I'm looking for creators who would allow the use of their full perms products in closed commercial grids outside of SL, with similar SL TOS. Their SL permissions would apply in those worlds as well. Since 2006 I'm a SL Premium member, also age verified. I have since January 2011 a main store in Avination.com, then expanded to Inworldz.com and now to Island Oasis.biz. Those grids are run from different companies as SL but the sofware and the owners assure to provide a content protection as in SL. To protect your content, I do not use grids with attached private regions (because the owners are able to reproduce the assets) nor I go to grids with Hypergrid Teleport enabled. Right now I'm working to bring all the products I've made in those grids to SL. I know that many creators would be interested and I could spread the word about your brand and your permissions in those worlds. I'm in need of men's footwear, men's sculpts for clothing and clothes templates, men's hairs, women's sculpted footwear, women's hairs, clothing templates and sculpts for women wear. Please contact me either way with IM or Notecard inworld. I receive my offline IMs in my external email. Isis Ophelia, IDdesigns
  2. thank you Darkie for the quick response Now I know that it is possible and can start looking for someone to write this in the script. Thanks Isis
  3. I am working on a product which I would like to sell no mod, but give the customer the ability to reset the scripts in case he needed to. I have been googling around to find an answer but the only I found is a Jira asking to make it possible to reset a script in a no mod object. Is it possible to write the script in a way that it offers a resetting even though the object is no mod? Any info about this is much appreciated Isis
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