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  1. And both yesterday and today, voice activation was cut off.
  2. The way I finally got around this issue was to go into Second Life with the Singularity viewer, accept the TOS on their screen, then go back to the Linden viewer and got in with no trouble.
  3. The Linden viewer is not showing the Terms of Service on my log in screen. I am on a desktop Mac. Before I can log in, I am required to accept the TOS re the new update. How can I access this?
  4. I am on a Mac (Snow Leopard). Everything is set up correctly to play the video. Others (on PC's) can watch it. When I click on my media button, the media texture changes to the blank blue screen but it doesn't go any further and the media arrow reappears. One person suggested it had to do with my old router and that I need something with extra ports or Port Forwarding .Others say it is my browser. I am on Phoenix. The regular web browsers are closed, aren't they? You can tell I am not a techie. I need this fixed before Aug13 to show in class I am teaching in SL. Otherwise, I have to send people to my YouTube on the internet. If someone is familiar with this problem, please IM me in SL. Marly Milena *founder of Octagon:Creative Exploration
  5. It would be so nice to be able to stay in touch with my SL life on my iPad when I am travelling. I hope this is possible in the not-too-distant future
  6. Every 20 minutes or so, my voice breaks down and sounds like a weird alien. I have had this voice problem for over a year. My viewer works fine as does my computer, My headphones are good. After about a minute it fixes itself. I do a lot of teaching in SL so this is quite an annoying problem. It happens no matter what viewer I am on. I am running iMac OS 10.5.8. Someone said it was a bandwidth problem but I don't know anyone else who has had this particular difficulty. Help! Marly Milena
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