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  1. Wenn es dir darum geht, dass du kein Geld in SL ausgeben kannst, weil die leider das deutsche Girokonto nicht kennen un dnur PayPal und Kreditkarte akzeptieren... An vielen Tanken kann man Prepaid Kreditkarten kaufen, das sollte dann schon klappen :smileywink: Und um was kümmert sich SL nicht? Du meinst vermutlich eher LindenLab, den Betreiber von SL. Wenn du in eiem Forum fragst, aber eigentlich keine Antwort von den Leuten hier willst, nur weil sie nicht dafür "bezahlt" werden, warum fragste dann? Aber vermutlich ist diese Antwort hier eh schon zu spät und wird gar nicht mehr gelesen
  2. Oh yes, you're right! I forgot the Sensations System. It had (or still has) some other "sensations" as well... My focus is still somewehre else, more about the outcome. Yes, of course, if damage is enabled in a sim, you can see what "pain" does to you, including sending you home (yay...) But there is still no impact to your actual Second Life experience. With the functions of RLV, someone could at last simulate some of this impacts, and that is something, i haven't found anywhere so far
  3. I hope this is still PG enough... Here are some thoughts about enhancing BDSM products, especially toys (attachments and devices). Some of these devices are intended to be somewhat painful, and yes, they DO look nasty! BUT... sitting on them, and you can relax and watch the "cruel" scene happening, or you have some attachments on your body, and all you do is emote (if at all!) "oww, this hurts!". How can this be avoided or... "enhanced"? Some kind of "pain-meter" would be nice. For example, you have some weights attached to your body (just pick a place where it would hurt). What would happen when you walk or move? It would hurt more! So the pain-meter increases. Standing still would perhaps reduce the pain (ok ok... not really that realistic, but it should still be fun). What happens when you ignore your pain-meter? You start to walk slower. Still walking on? OK, let it become difficult for you to speak. For example, only be able to whisper. You are the tough guy? Ok, now your vision starts to get blurry, perhaps making it impossible for you to walk on (on your own, of course, you could still be dragged along on a leash).. Reducing the pain on the meter should take time. The more pain, the longer it should need to reduce the pain. Maybe something like this: |----------------|------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------| walking slower only whisper blurry vision Of course, this only applies for attachments. Walking slower when you are sitting or laying on some evil device doesn't make much sense. But instead of that, something else could make the live a bit harder for you. And instead of standing still, to reduce your pain-meter, you could have to click on the device, or hit some keys, to labour your pain away. Maybe some creators could think of this, if they don't know what to build/script next :matte-motes-big-grin:
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