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  1. And none of the topics available mention posting events - why do my innocuous event postings keep getting censored? I get refered to a useless page on how to set my land ratings, not on what about my event listing is 'adult': "Sloe Gin - a New Club with Old Friends and Great Music! Tonight is my debut at Sloe Gin, and I'll be tastefully mixing some southern boogie with classic rock and blues, and maybe even a little prog to sweeten the pot - and I just acquired some 'new to me' Allman Brothers I'd love to give a listen to! Come on over to Sloe Gin and Join the Fun!" Where is the catch? It allows the words "Sloe Gin" all by themselves. This is my fourth event in as many months to be called 'inappropriate' by some reader bot, and there are NO links to where to go to solve this! And the real kciker is that the error message advises me to pick a different sim, an adult one, because we all know that the event has everyhting to with where *I* am, and not where we have been hired to be. I'll just tell the club owner to move to an adult sim so I can play some blues at her club! Please help, so I can calm down and stop ranting Thank you, Dream/CJ
  2. I am trying to post THIS notice on a Moderate rated land: Another beautiful Saturday afternoon in Second Life, and another opportunity to enjoy the music collection of Jeanne Anne! Today she'll be bringing a mix of celtic-inspired songs about sailing, dancing and lots more fun stuff - ask her to play Mal's theme! Come on over to Starlog and hear it for yourself! and no matter how I change it, i get this: Please correct the following:The event appears to contain adult material, but is on a General or Mature region. Please choose an adult region. Refer to the Maturity ratings wiki page for more details. My previous notice mentioned an artist named Zakiyah Hooker, and I got the same issue until I took her name out. Who do I appeal to to get this looked at?
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