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  1. I agree completely that it's wrong to track them. That's not my question. My question is if it's still possible that sim owners are doing it, and if you keep your streaming media off, if that prevents anyone from tracking you?
  2. So is it safe to assume if you keep streaming media off, that they will not be able to track you?
  3. Is there anyway for a sim owner to track the IP address of avatars when the come to their sims? For instance, if you went to a sim once and then came back on an alt, could they track and then relate the two avatars through their IP addresses, or by any other method? I know there used to be something called Redzone which could track you if you had on streaming media (or so I understood at the time) but I believe that was banned. Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. "I use the online tracker hud myself and have now for a couple years due to the fact that I to have friends from all over the world and major different time zones and it makes it so much easier that when there on line and I am offline , That it goes to my email and lets me know that they are online, so I can log in to talk and hang out with them" I agree wholeheartedly with the poster who wrote the above. I can't hang out in SL all say, waiting for people I know to come online, people I may really wish to catch up with and hang around with. So I rely on the online HUD to send me an email to let me know my friends have logged on. Plus, I DO also have alts, and those friends my not be on my alt's friend's list, so I again rely on the HUD. I purchased these HUDs for more than one of my avatars. Will I get a refund from the maker if LL decides to break this product? Will I get a refund from LL? Or will I just be out of luck because ONCE AGAIN, LL doesn't understand their users? If someone is that upset about someone knowing they are online, they should be using the mute and AR function, not ruin a legitimately useful tool for a majority of other users.
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