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  1. Thank you Arwen. Sorting data now. The Good news is, my problem seems to be resolved in that orders are finally going through again properly. I removed all my old boxes, replaced them with new ones, and reset them all. That seemd to clear it up. I still have the issue of recovering over 18K for product delievered for which i wasn't paid though. Honestly I'm not hopeful linden wil return that to me but we'll see. Maybe my JIRA will them see the error. Cald Stine
  2. What is a JIRA? I'll provide all documenation I can. Much will have to be logs of dialogue with customers who have checked their records for me. I can get them to send me those records, and my partner can dup this problem at the drop of a hat. It happens with every sale that goes through my store now.
  3. I am having the same problem. The record shows in my transactions "delivery partially failed." The record shows in my customers transcations,"delivery failed," but in REALITY, the customer actually receives the product. I tested this with my partner. She ordered a product from me and her account was deducted 200L. Her records showed, "delivery failed," and mine showed, "delivery partially failed," yet She received the product from my MarketPlace Box. I never recieved the Linden for it. Someone did, but not me. I spoke with another customer today and she verified the same thing. She recieved products, and her records showed she had paid for them, but also that the delivery had failed. For the past three daysmy records show ALL sales as Partially Failed Deliveries. Every customer I have spoken to has paid for the product, and the product was delivered. Linden has kept 14,000L worth of my sales so far. I have a ticket in, and an IM to a Lidnen, but no reponse as of yet. This is a VERY REAL problem. Linden is taking my money.
  4. I asked this once already, but received an answer fit for "customers not receiving products," not for my problem, which is "Merchants who are not receiving funds for delivered products" (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Shopping/Marketplace-is-taking-customer-s-money-delivering-product-but-I/qaq-p/1246203) This is not an, "I bought something and it hasn't been delievered yet.. oh my, what do I do?" problem. Let me try and make it more plain: 1. I am a merchant. 2. For three days Customers have been purchasing products from me via the MarketPlace. 3. Linden is deducted from the customer's account. 4. My product is delievered to the customer. 5. My records show (incorrectly) that the product has not been delievered. It has. I have tested this with my partner. 6. I have received no lindens for 3 days worth of sales of delivered products on the marketplace. Has anyone encountered this problem before? I have filed a ticket with Linden already and I'm waiting for a reply, and hoping I'll receive the money due me for products delievered.
  5. People have been purchasing my products from the marketplace. Their money is deducted from their account, and the product is delivered, but I do not receive anything for it My records show delivery failed, and no commissions paid to Linden, and nothing to me. Did someone hack my account? I've got several thousand linden due me - how can I recover this and stop this problem?
  6. I have had several customers tell me they ordered a product, and their records show it delivered, but they claim it did not. My records show they ordered it was delivered. Most of these complaints have waited a full day or more to come to me. What is the linden recommended process for a merchant to do? Delivery failures or misses are not a reflection on my product, but rather the Linden controlled Marketplace. I don't want customers posting bad ratings because Linden failed to deliver. I usually just re-deliver and they are happy, but I can't help but wonder if some of them are getting second copies of my products and giving them away or selling them. What am I supposed to do?
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