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  1. Hiya - thank you for the reply. I'll be in touch in-game
  2. !Exodus! Dance Club is part of the !Exodus! Club Group which includes the extremely successful !Exodus! Rock Club at Westover HIlls. The ethos of !Exodus! Clubs is simple. We focus on what matters, the music and the atmosphere. We don't use sploders, games, chatty objects, script heavy environments. We're about the music and chat and providing a fun, friendly atmosphere in attractive surroundings. We are hiring for our core hours of 1pm SLT to 9pm SLT. We're looking to hire dance dj's and hosts for our experienced, motivated team. We provide a high quality stream for dj's and pay full 100% tips. DJ's will be experienced of working in the dance clubs in SL and have a good knowledge of the genre and sub genres as well as an extensive knowledge of dance music producers/remixers. For Hosts we provide ongoing training, 100% tips and the chance to develop your skills and experience in a busy club environment. Hosts should be able to demonstrate the ability to hold a room full of people with bright, intelligent and witty conversation. This is a new club but please know that we are a very experienced club team and have high expectations of ourselves and our team members. If you think this could be you, please IM Kadie Pinkenba for more information or an informal chat. !Exodus! Dance Club is situated on the Serenity Cay sim.
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