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  1. Ladies! Thank you so much! It was a tattoo layer (hair base)! My legs are back to normal! TY! TY! TY!
  2. Aislin... I tried it ... still no color in the legs.... thank you for your response
  3. Hello! I had my regular skin on ... wore a pair of jeans and when I went to take them off to change clothes the flesh tone just on my legs is 'grey'. I have emptied my cache Put different jeans on changed skins ...... and nothing seems to work ... I am using the Phoenix/Firestorm viewer. Can someone help me, please? Thank you
  4. I must have missed something but did LL change the ability to buy Lindens in game using a credit card? Where do I go to buy Lindens then.. somewhere on the web? *sighs* Thank you!
  5. Amethyst, thank you so much! I now understand how to do it... :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  6. Hi! I have no idea how to add a shadow texture to a sculpty rug prim. Can some help me please? Thank you!
  7. Thank you for your quick respose.. and you are correct... i did some research and this is what i found: Warning: Once you empty your trash, there is no way to retrieve deleted items! Be careful.
  8. I don't suppose there is anyway to recover items that were 'purged' from your trash in sl? Thank you, Fae
  9. OMG.. that is brilliant and soooo simple .. thank you, thank you! Never even thought about that *big smile for you*
  10. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can suggest a solution to this major problem? A friend of mine became ill and had a 10 stay in the hospital... he gave his password to a trusted friend (?), to handle his business on sl .. mainly to pay the tier on his land and manage renters on the land. My friend is at home now and recovering from surgery... he asked his friend tonight for the password.. and this friend said NO .. the password has been changed. Is there anything that can be done in this situation???? Thank you, Fae
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