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  1. just bought a lenovo laptop is not working with my secondlife so back to my desktop. Carson Coberts wrote: It should work great but who knows? I have read reports of the Optimus switching technology not working. Also, I had a bad experience with a T520 that had crappy sound when the NVidia drivers are enabled. If you are using this machine, is it working ok? thanks
  2. Polygon Cafe has become my home! After trudging around SL looking for a place to belong I found it! Diverse atmosphere, fun people and the sheer loveliness of the sims! I don't have to tell you come look for yourself! I became so in love with the place I joined the staff! They are running a special right now rent three weeks get one week free! Prices are competitive! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Polygon%20Cafe%201/35/188/129
  3. Polygon Cafe Is proud to present! "My Sexy Valentine Fashion Show!" Feb. 12 at Noon SLT! There is still time for you to participate... Contact Marilyne Chiung or Alirazia (alirazia.brandi). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Polygon%20Cafe%201/35/188/129
  4. Love this place! I especially love the fact they take time to help you learn!
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