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  1. Complete Homestead Sim for Rent with Estate Manager Rights. Standalone Sim, 65536 sqm, 3750 Prims Lovely Terraformed, can be changed as you want, +/-100 m Terraforming no purchase price only 8000 L$/weekly rent inkl. 3 % discount by 4 weeks payment. IM Shoya Fellini http://www.sf-estates.de http://slurl.com/secondlife/Montana/143/128/32
  2. 1 Fullprims Sim for sale 320 $ next billing date: 18th. beautiful terraforming if you like. IM Shoya Fellini
  3. Hello I have a standalone Homestead Sim for rent with Estate Manager rights. 65536 sqm/3750 prims Rent per week: 8000 L$ (incl. 3 % discount by weeks payment) -no purchase price, no additional costs- minimum rental period: 4 weeks with estate manager rights! http://slurl.com/secondlife/LaPerla/93/204/21 (will be moved to standalone within the next days) By interest IM to Shoya Fellini Owner SF Estates http://www.sf-estates.de
  4. Homestead Sim with Estate Manager rights for rent 65536 sqm 3750 Prims 8000 L$/weekly rent (incl. 3 % discount by 4 weeks payment) no purchase price. IM to Shoya Fellini http://www.sf-estates.de http://slurl.com/secondlife/Comtessa/145/157/22
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