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  1. there is no grid ststus page. guessing the hamsters died. i'm sure they will replace them soon but i do wish they would do this during barroom hours instead of when most people are awake and trying to do stuff. not like a few escorts will want to upload anything at 2AM. why do they have to wait so late in the day to break stuff?
  2. Hiring rock DJ's and experienced hosts. if you are looking for a job come down and check out Soulcreek http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ashoka/66/226/22 MANAGER - MYSTI - (MYSTIMINX FIREHAWK) MANAGER - ΩḶɨžαhΩ - (lizah inglewood) OWNERS: ღღ đєηα ღღ (denaellen) 乙Ծ乇 キԾメÐムレ乇 (zoestoneage) ÐJ ŦФЖÐΛŁΞ (vanny.foxdale)
  3. We are a new club mostly rock with an off rock theme event thrown in at times. Small club with a friendly staff. Dancers are REQUIRED to emote and we are adult so it requires stripping. Also must be over 30 days in SL with good typing and communication skills. Pay is tips only and ocassional bonuses for going above and beyond. For more info or to see if we are right for you contact in world Mystiminx Firehawk Current Schedule Sunday 11 AM Tuesday 1-3 PM Friday 2-4 PM Saturday 4-6 PM
  4. *waves back* yup it's a complete nightmare. need full body armor not just hardhats lol
  5. Isabel keeps crashing every hour. think it may have something to do with a bunch of boxes running scripts on some abandoned land there. PLEASE somebody look into this. reports have been filed but this has been happening for like 12 hours or more and not getting any better.
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