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  1. My network light is always going red lately. I don't beleive I have changed anything but wish to know how to reduce my ping time. It is registering over 600ms most of the time. TY
  2. I had similar problems and even use a cooling pad to see if it was just getting to hot to run the program. I don't know what to tell you....I haven't been able to figure it out so ..... I use my desktop.
  3. When u get an answer to ur problem plzzz pass it on to me....ty
  4. Not true Malita.....I didn't meet them and they created 4 ats around me playing as my friends. It's one guy playing 4 different ppl. and I never met them in person, just spent alot of time with them in SL. You gonna tell me to not get close to ppl here now! I got to know him so well I seen things that link him to all of them but no real proof. Only Lindens would know. Now I want to get away from him and can't coz he knows where to find me even in other alts of my own that he didn't know anything about that I knew of! So explain that one!?
  5. Luc that would be fine if they didn't somehow find a way to turn every avi around u themself and follow you from place to place!!!!
  6. how do I do that.....I can't find the complaint department?
  7. Everytime I sign on to SL I am only able to stay on for about 10 minutes or so. This has only started happening since May of this year. I have been playing on SL since February and there was never a problem. I thought it was because my graphics card was messing up because it was overheating my laptop. It totally freezes my whole computer. Now it doesn't even wait to overheat it just freezes the computer and I have to unplug it to shut it down. What would be causing that?
  8. Well the reason I asked is because this person is stalking ppl on SL and has already caused when to purchase many other alts to escape him and he is somehow able to find her everytime. This seems to be against somekind of privacy issue as well!
  9. Looking for someone who can manage a club. Must have enthusiasm and imagination. Working for a dance club with minimal restrictions, (will discuss rules during our meeting). Also looking for DJ with large variety of music, (from 80's to today's Hip Hop and R&B). Looking for Hosts/Hostesses, and dancers for all shifts. Must be able to emote to some decent degree. Must not be to modest to show some flesh, never total nudity, (unless you want to make more money! This is for a dance club, not a strip joint. Classy and leans toward BDSM theme but you don't have to be in the lifestyle. Who don't like kinky tho! Contact Victory Parx by notecard.
  10. I need to find an avatar alt detector... I have an avi that has produced at least 3 alts so that I am constantly watched by him. How can I tell who is who? They have invited me to meet all of them in rl and I need to know that this is fake so I can confront them and notify others in my group.
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