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  1. i tried today uploading some mesh..as i saw i took the wrong one i did change the file and tried to upload it but it wont show in the upload window...i tried to change the sandbox and took another meshfile but it doesnt work...any ideas what i did wrong? thank you Kathrin
  2. I am happy to report that our efforts have paid off and LInden lab has offered us a Settlement which we have accepted. We look forward to being part of the SL community for many years to come. Where there is hope there is everything! Kathrin
  3. Hi, Thank you and everyone who have responded so far. It was a classified Ad. I will make note of the information you provided, it may prove very useful. Duke I don't fear Death, but I love life, so when I go it will be kicking and screaming!
  4. Tolle Sachen mahc nur weiter so ~ smiles ~ Kathrin Pearl
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