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  1. See the problem is I have no folder called appdata or anything like that and cannot even submit a ticket to technical coz i get error messages so I guees i'm a bit stuck really!!!!!!
  2. well everyone is suggesting to do same thing but every user is using windows xp i have windows vista which is completely useless think i'll not bother and play chess wiv myself instead lol Bfn everyone
  3. not as easy as that tried re-installing and everything still can't lauch the program!!!!
  4. Still doesn't work I try to launch sl and get a message saying it's already running check taskbar but I have nothing running why does it not work on windows vista????
  5. Nothing on there that's anything like my problem lol are you on windows live messenger?
  6. Already tried that but no success lol
  7. I don't have slviewer in task manager
  8. Annoying aint it? I get the impression we've been given a dodgy version lol
  9. When I try to do anything in sl it tells me that i already have sl running then check taskbar but i do not have a taskbar what is wrong can anyone help please????
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