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  1. Hi, I received the mail of 15 years of second life, and among many things I read also the news that will bring to improve our experience on Second Life. since I'm a mesh shoe maker, today I spent more than 1000 linden to load the mesh (do not ask me how), it will be possible, one day, to load mesh temporarily (local) as it happens for textures (images) ?
  2. Hello! I am a builder, I like to build mesh, load a lot of mesh on Second Life, some forms, however, due to the weight using basic shapes such as prims. Before connecting a prim to form a mesh, the weight was acceptable. In fact, the weights are halved or more times increased slightly. For some time now, the weights are tripled. When I hook up a prim to form a mesh which weighs about 27 or 30 in the characteristic convex hull its value increases dramatically up to over 100 in weight, not to mention the characteristic prim. For a manufacturer, the weight saving is very important! why all this? has anything changed? why is that all about?
  3. my avatar, when changing outfits, the shape will deform, the hands become huge and also the head ... what could be causing this? happens to me even when I change the shape of the body ...
  4. Good morning! my account name is Gianfranco Foxclaw last night from 03:30 till 04:30 I mistakenly removed my credit card to be able to buy Linden Dollars. Today I tried to put it back in and it says that the payment has not been successful and try inserting a new payment method! I should point out that I only have one card and three avatars. how can I hope to be able to re-enter my credit card?
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