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  1. Errr, well I can't get to the login screen because I get that error when trying to start second life however from my video card properties it says as follows: Driver Provider: ATI Technologies Inc. Driver Date: 24/04/2009 Driver Version: Driver Signer: Microsoft Windows
  2. The roll back driver option is faded out because it would appear I can't...
  3. I tried running the Program in compatibility mode for Vista, to no avail. I also tried rebooting my computer which didn't seem to help either...
  4. When I try to launch Second Life I get this error, I am running on a Dell Dimension 9200, Windows 7 32-bit Professional, Radeon X1300/X1550 Series video card. Does anyone have a solution to my problem, I already tried updating and reinstalling the drivers. I have minimal experience with Second Life but I wanted to give it a try. Thanks in advance.
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