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  1. Hi, We'd like someone to make us some mesh armor, but have a Budget of $200 Requirements: -Armor meshing -Rigging & Texturing -Full perm (inc. Textures) Please drop me IM for details.
  2. Hi, I'm hiring for people to create some mesh/rigged clothing for me (w/textures), and some equipment(armor). Willing to pay high prices, contact me for more details. -Full Armor with Textures & Rigged -Full Uniform Set with Textures & Rigged.
  3. Hi, I'm in need for someone who'd be able to make me some mesh clothing for my group (Rigged + textured). Please drop me a message if you want more details and can quote me a price.
  4. Hey! I'm on the hunt for some experienced people who'd be able to take up some work for creating me some rigged mesh armor. For now I'm just hoping to get some quotes of how much it'd cost. If anyones interested, contact me in world (Or reply to the Topic and I'll contact you) so we can discuss the details and pricing. Thanks! :)
  5. Dek Erin

    Mesh Jacket

    Hey, I've being Role-Playing as a Second Life firefighter for some time, but decided I'd rather get some Mesh bunker-gear to enhance my Roleplay (I'm turning into a mesh fan), however; the only Mesh firefighting gear I have found is this; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TRB-Mens-Firefighter-Outfit-Black/4650967 Which is pretty perfect for me, except one thing, no jacket. Just wondering how much it'd cost to get a jacket made [Mesh, and similiar/same textures and pattern] which would fit with the trousers/boots in the image on the marketplace link I added above. An idea of the jacket: http://fineartamerica.com/images-medium/fdny-squad-41-firefighter-paul-walsh.jpg Not the clearest thing going - or any recommendations on a non-mesh jacket which could fit the trousers would help ^^ Thanks!
  6. No, there are 18 job TYPES, no limit on how many people can join.
  7. Hello fellow Second Life Users! How would you like to join into an opportunity to make the best one of a kind role play simulator SL has seen to this day. The plan is to make a realistically manned and operated 'fleet' ship which will provide 18+ Role-playing jobs, from Marines to Pilots, and even widening the type of jobs by adding load master and many more unique-jobs which create a huge role-play "family". What is this "Fleet Ship"? The Fleet ship is a Dread naught Class Warship/Capital Ship, known on the SL market as the "Prometheus", but known to us as the "Tranquility" which, in role-play terms, would take part in Military Operations, Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Missions, and general exploration of space and time as we know it. The ship itself is 3000prims, that would be increased due to additional items such as vehicles we would like on board to ensure all job choices have something to do. It features: would I help this project? First of all, all of our Investors, will have land rights respectfully, and as an investor they will own their own fair share of the simulator. With that said, all money gained (Primarily Donations) would be split out with the investors, if you are the only investor, you'd receive 100% of the received money. The project only needs 1 main thing to allow RP, and for the project to begin to 'take off'. About half a sim (Thats around size of the ship itself), and approximately 3500 prims (3000 for the ship, 500 extra for ships, vehicles, etc). When can we expect it up and operational? Once we have the money to be able to afford the land to have the ship down then recruiting for the overall crew, and ensuring everything fits. Very quick. Why should I help with this project? You can expect the utmost of professionalism, realism (to standards of a futuristic fleet ship) and of course, perfectionism. We all are well respected and ready to lift off a new generation in role playing. The RP may also include actual 'life' on board the Tranquility itself, everyone would be able to live for themselves, thus making it more unique and bringing something new into the RP world. Interested in investing? or just wanting to know more? please send me a notecard or IM in-world (My IM's do sometimes get capped) This idea may not be suitable for many people, if you don't like it, I'd appreciate it if you don't comment disencouraging things, thank you.
  8. At DSA (Defense & Security Agency) we provide a full range of Security Consultancy Services, Risk Analysis, Threat management and Solutions to support your BUSINESS or Social Activities. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements or any broader support that we can provide to you or your company and its operations in these hostile or difficult Times. Unlike many security services, we operate throughout the whole of Second Life, part-taking in Role-Play, and Non Role-Play jobs to ensure the safety of the client. Although we provide free services for RP assignments, any donations would be appreciated. However; we do charge 50L an hour for non-rp related jobs. We hire former SL military personnel ensuring we have the most capable of security forces to keep you, or your business intact. Anybody interested in joining, please leave a reply or send a notecard/IM inworld to Dek Erin. Due to the fact this is an entirely new company being worked on, we are limited to what we can do. If you are however interested in hiring us, please leave a reply or send a notecard/IM inworld to Dek Erin explaining you wish to look into hiring us. Joining Process: Application Hiring us: Application which can allow us to see what we can/can't do on the job, what we can/can't spawn, etc. (Please note, IM's are likely to get capped)
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