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  1. I am looking for a sim owner who has a city/town created and would like to add some life to that city. I'm looking to open a Blues Music venue. Moderate or Adult is OK. contact me in world is OK
  2. Full Estate $250.00. Includes Transfer. Tier due Jan 27
  3. Please contact me ASAP!! ESTATE SIM ONLY
  4. is your sim still available, contact me ASAP if so Anodyne Darkes
  5. need to sell your sim, please contact me here or SL Anodyne Darkes
  6. Are you looking to leave your Sim by the end of May or want to dump it now and recoup some money?? I will pay you via pay pal today! Message me In world
  7. Message me in world if still available
  8. If you have a sim you need to let go of please contact me ASAP
  9. Hi can you IM myself or my husband IW regarding your sim sell. Front Porchers
  10. is this still available? Im me or my husband Front Porchers IW
  11. I have a full sim for sale $500.00 USD and teir is not due until June 28..I'll pay transfer fee
  12. NEED A FULL REGION ASAP. Will post a reply when I find one so if you want to cash yours out please im me or notecard me in SL ASAP. No homestead please.. no rental. Please send me a notecard in world if not online. CAN PAY VIA PAY PAL TODAY
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