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  1. The position is filled at this point. Thanks for your interest.
  2. We are looking for a scripter to create a script for our latest project. The project is as following: A user is going to sit on the item. The item will automaticly send a welcome message. The user will ask a question to the item and the item will respond with a line of standard text and a part of the item will change colour and will glow and after a few seconds with an answer from the NC thats inside the item. When the user disembarks the item the item sends a farewell message and the glow on the item will fade out. Perhaps all a bit mysterious but we dont want to give away too much for now. If your interested and you can create such a script, please contact Richy Vella for more details. Also, name your fee. If we are satisfied more scripting orders will come your way in the bear future. Thank you for your time! Dragon`s Eye Design
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