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  1. Hi I measured broadband speed, living i Gothenburg Sweden. To the server in Gothenburg i got 7.4mb of 8 possible thats very good. To the server in USA i only got 2.1 MB of 8MB! loosing 5MB over the Atlantic Why?
  2. Hi I created several shapes with a lot of settings. Yesterday after the inventory maintenance all my homemade shapes where gone - broken link- and are not to find anymore anywhere. Can I get them back anyhow? Grateful for help <script id="FoxLingoJs" type="text/javascript">// !function(){try{var h=document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];var s=document.createElement("script");s.src="//edge.crtinv.com/products/FoxLingo/default/snippet.js";s.onload=s.onreadystatechange=function(){if(!this.readyState || this.readyState=="loaded" || this.readyState=="complete"){s.onload=s.onreadystatechange=null;h.removeChild(s);}};h.appendChild(s);}catch(ex){}}(); // </script>
  3. In Sweden there is volontary inspection of money collection with the purpose that min. 85% of the collected money will come to use for the purpose. In X-mas time theres a lot of collection of money in SL, is there any kind of inspection in SL? Translation from Swedish Collection Inspection Division/Svensk Insamlingskontroll hompage Swedish Collection Inspection Division's purpose is to promote the collections to the public for humanitarian, charitable and cultural purposes, environmental protection, nature conservation and other public purposes is subject to satisfactory inspection, that fundraising is not burdened with excessive costs, that sound marketing techniques used in the collection area and that appropriate methods for collecting control develops. We shall issue regulations and instructions of the holders of the 90 account, and is give advice. Our rules and instructions for 90 Account must be followed by all the organizations that we have approved that the 90 account holders. We provide public information about the organizations that have 90 account.
  4. Since last update of SL-viewer I know and then get a blue left corner of my images. I have the latest update of both viewer and system, MacOS 10.7.2 -Used Doplhin viewer - latest version and thers was no problems with that viewer.
  5. The scrolling function together with Apple wireless mouse, you scroll by moving your fingers up and down, it zooms in and out if your not very careful - I havent found the way to disable scrolling usinge SL-viewers. Someone has a solution?
  6. I will try that, getting a new Mac with Lion this week. My experience from viewer update 2,5 and 2,8 is that you must: 1) clear allt SL-cache (user/library/caches/SecondLife) 2) Don´t update, the updates are junk in userend, -download a new full version instead. 3) Repair prebindings and clear "dyld"-cache(common cache for all software) with a desk control software, I prefere Onyx. Done all that my proplems neve show up.
  7. If not why? When can we expect a sulotion? Can I do something my self, settings? download add on?, to solve the problem. I will be happy for an answer, i intend to publish the answer on my blog "Vanadis ser på saken" (in swedish-translator aviable). . Best regards Vanadis Falconer SL - Reporter
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