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  1. uhm thats a bit off topic the problem here is that SL wont start up becouse a Remote Controll Programm is running at the same time. PS: tried updating grafik drivers?
  2. well maybe you could give some feedback on thatone too i would like to know if it has general problems running if a RC is established or the programm is even only running if not i would think that maybe teamviewer is blocking some ports that SLV uses
  3. okay a night full of trying to fix that damn thing brought up the couse i tried to play it in the Virtual win xp mode from win7 (nope not the same as combatibility mode win xp) well it worked at first but i wanted to copy some of my data onto it and used a programm "TeamViewer" to remotly connect to my virtual PC (i wont describe further why i had to take that complicated messure) so after i had done this SLV wouldnt start anymore so what coused it i asked my self and killed "TeamViewer" and look at it it worked! so SLV will NOT work if you have TeamViewer running the question is why? since there is nothing i could think of that anything could break with SLV if TV is running besides the Viewer in the name there is nothing they have even slightly in common...
  4. okay since the new SL version HAS to be updated lets bump this thread Still the same: Win 7 prof 64 bit evrything works fine with the old version 2.6 i had no problems playing SL it just said my Graphiccard wasnt tested becouse its a new one so SLV is starting the SLV process for a split second and thats all it wont show up it wont load anything already tried: compatibility mode as Win XP sp 2&3 and with adminitrator rigths wont work either and no i dont want to try anything like Phönix or anything else tried them all they all s*ck is it so hard to get an answer that just could maybe help and not always just use an other one if i would want to i wouldnt have started that thread at all and yeah they work but i WANT to use SLV
  5. Ok now I know its a Problem with the SL update. When I copy the files I have from an older Version (2.6.3) it starts up normaly.... When I update then again SLV wont run -.- So I have to use an older version of SLV till an bugfix comes out -.- Also it says it wont recognize my grafics card but its running thought so I would say a Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 TI is no problem for it.
  6. I know that thatone is always a possible way but i want to use SLV further else i wouldnt had to start this topic
  7. OS: Win7 Professionel 64bit Ram: 16GB Cpu: intel core i5-2500k 4x3,3GHZ graphiccard: Nvidia Geforce GTX550 Ti 1024ram Well I got a new PC and now SL-viewer wont start anymore. The system Process of SecondLifeViewer starts up for a split second but then it goes away and the SL-viewer wont show up. I already tried to turn of the Firewall, to start it as Administrator and to start it as Windows XP. I tried this with the normal SecondLifeViewer aswell with the Beta Viewer but neither of them works. Are there any known issues or fixes? MFG Moonwolf
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