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  1. If it's a server issue I hope they get it sorted very soon as I've not been able to sort this out for days now
  2. Yes I have thanks but with no avail!
  3. OH NO!!! Now that I've loged in again it's happened again I'm a ghost!!! Going from your last post I had to rebuild a new avatar, but now that I've oged out and in again I'm back to sqaure one and because I've just got a basic account I can't usea ticket to resolve this. can anyone help me please?
  4. Hi It just appears as the ghost like image and never changes even after the inventory has fully loaded. It has worked before in Viewer 2 so I'm at a loss as to what to do? I have tried everything from resetting the cache, changing my login location and restarting both my computer and modem, to turning the graphics settings down to no avail, and even uninstalling and reinstalling again but still nothing changes. Can someone help me please??
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