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  1. Ok so im in need of a scripter for a project im doing im wanting a item in the hand to be put to the mouth and smoke after as if smoking a cigarette im happy for pay for this service please IM me or reply here kind regards.
  2. Ok so i have myslef a nice peace of land but im wanting to watch music videos on my my land can anyone advice me what to buy i played second life 5 years ago iv just returned but all my tv and media players seem not to work ?
  3. ok so il found a peace of land that i really like my problem is its 2048 and i can not afford that each month im after a 1024 as its in my price range now if i buy the 2048 can i take the 1024 of it and abandon the rest can i myself split the land?any help or advice here would be great thanks.
  4. can land under water be raised above water? as im looking at a plot to buy under water?
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