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  1. I'v been getting this a lot too. I generally use singularity, however there are a few features they just dont have yet that I wanted to try out. Exodus, main viewer, catznip, all of them DNS me to death. Reset the router, set it to the google dns, rebooted my machine so many times it dont even ask if I'm sure anymore (jokes) but seriously this issue is quite real and quite annoying. Could it be the ISP? (I use charter) or perhaps the type of windows (windows 7 pro 64 bit (upgrade version)) or some other minor detail that eludes everyone but causes major headaches to a lot of folks. 2.0 based viewers work fine (nirans viewer, firestorm, etc.) but I dont much care for the 2,0 interface. Sticking with singularity for now (Amen to loggin in) but would love to be able to see whats up with 3,0.
  2. They should be able to make mesh body parts and clothes adapt to avatar physics (jiggly parts) seeing as the rigged mesh parts are already affected by some parts of the default avatar (thats how they move with you) so adding additional link points (to boobs, butt, stomach) SHOULD make the mesh parts move with the avatar as well, including jiggle. They just dont have the additional link points yet. This would also give you more adjustment options when adjusting your appearance (at present only a few select adjustments work on mesh parts) Just a thought.
  3. I get the same problem. As for different viewers, not interested. I chose this viewer fir a reason. As for reinstalling, did that. Cleared the cache, messed with several settings. To no avail. I feel your pain and hope this issue gets resolved quickly. I also noticed this mostly happens after several crashes in a row, usually from failed teleports, but not always. Been waling along and *ding* of doom.
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