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  1. i am getting this object being sent to me every 5 to 10 seconds. it is call cc cashcage hud 1.5 or something and i have blocked the owner. But whenever i log off and log back in after 20 or 30 minutes, my inbox is full and messages are capped.. Please help !!!
  2. I recently lost someone to the sickest of the sick groups. The people in the groups are using RLVa to perform financial dominations. the slaves in these groups are transferring their lindens (earned in sl or transferred from credit cards) to their so called masters, the most illegal things on SL. I do understand it is the wish of a person to do anything with their money. But please look into the other side of it. Some people are slowly drifting or being pulled in with addictive methods. One of the group definition reads as follows Looking for useless little c***s who deserve nothing but contempt. Join my group. Adopt the restrained life viewer. And I will control and punish you until we milk your credit card dry. In exchange I'll promise to humiliate you and treat you like the piece of c**p that you are. Linden Labs... guys please i beg you to stop this immediately. I really dont believe this is anywhere close to legal. I have already lost my best friend here (my friend transferred all the money in her SL account and any money she is creditting in on a daily basis to another guy and he has given an extremely sick collar that pulls prevents her IMs, local chats, her avi and her SL all together)... i dono how many are going to oppose me or support me... please try to understand and stop this. We all know RLVa is used and people are having fun but that stays in SL... this is extending further and is going beyong limits. If this is not stopped now, i can promise that so many are going to get affected. And here - by lost my best friend - i mean i am no longer able to IM or CHAT to my best friend, it requires the other guy's permission before my best friend can respond, i am muted by my best friend. cannot see my best friend as well I understand its each persons personal choice to get addicted and screw them. I agree that we are all adults and we are responsible for our own behavior. But let me ask this, as adults, are we supposed to watch them screw themselves up? are we supposed to provide means to support these behavior ? How are we then adults ? We can NO longer hide behind the curtain of "each have their own individual rights". This does NOT apply in this case. THIS is dangerous as i have already mentioned - this behavor is not limited or stays within SL ! A person's real life is being controlled and the means of doing that is available to everyone Update after below 3 Answers I am only wondering because all response seem to burn down to the point of "Individual rights and individual's own consent and will". I agree. Maybe i am wrong asking to ban these type of groups. But that made me think of another question. If our children become a victim of financial domination... would we then say individual rights and their own consent" and not say a word... !? I perfectly understand what each answer is speaking about... but still finding it hard to digest is all. Please bear with me !
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