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  1. I have 78 unique items. I can not find a way to sell them by direct deposit. I can list 20 but not 21. I have tried putting folders inside folders but when you go to edit it to sell you can only list the main folder not the individually any subfolders under it. I can not but things together because they are all different. I tried following all directions. The video T made shows only 7 items.
  2. I asked this question a while ago and got this answer....no help on 09-16-2012 04:20 PM We had a question the other day from someone who had -- if I remember correctly --- 3100 items in Marketplac and was wondering if there is an upper limit. As far as we can tell, no. The 102 items in my own store are so far below 3100 that I'm not worried. Your 78 items ought to be a snap. If you are having trouble listing things, take a very carefull look at the instructions to see where you might have gone wrong. If you can't find anything, you probably ought to file a support ticket under the category Marketplace >>> General Marketplace Issues. The instructions tell you to put extra items in subfolders than list them and you can list more that 20 but when I try to do that I can only list the 20 folders and can find no way to list the items on subfolders.
  3. I have not been able to do this with direct delivery. I don't have a place for my magic box anymore and want to get direct delivery to work for my 78 items in marketplace. I was confused when they talked about a 20 folder limit. I still have no idea why they mentioned that but I see now if I do a small number of items at a time not more than 20 like I was trying to do it works. I got all 78 listed for direct delivery. I did 4 or 5 at a time and refreshed the Marketplace site each time I added them and got it to work.
  4. Ahhhhh Haaaa - Thank you very much Cinn, Everything works the way you said it would. I just could not figure it out by myself either because: A. I'm a King and do not feel I should look things up (grin). B. It wasn't intuititive. C. I'm not as smart as I think I am. Thanks again for your help. Consider yourself Honorary Royality of Aridzonia.
  5. Thank you Cinn, your answer works to some extent. Now instead of Owner over my name I change the title for Owner to "King of Aridzonia" and that appears above my name. The problem now is for everyone else I change it to "Aridzonia Royality" which is Ok but I want a specific title for specific people. Even though I created the role and title Aridzonia ArchDuke my friend and second in command gets Aridzonia Royality because I cannot take him out of the Everyone role even though I added ArchDuke role to him. Does he have to be just Aridzonia Royality like every one else that joins?
  6. I recently created the group "Kingdom of Aridzonia" and I created the role of King for me and the role of ArchDuke for my second on command but all it shows above my name is Owner when I activate the group and my second only show Member when he activates the group. Is there a way for us to have our proper titles?
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