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  1. the sl tecks helped get me into sl but still dont have inventory,friend list ,groups anything to do about this
  2. I keep getting requesting region capabilities 1 2 3 after what seems like a long time i get connection to region then it stays like that
  3. I been trying for a few minutes now in world and my account history and nothing is happening
  4. I dont think my fire wall is the reason if it let me use second life all this time
  5. I had trouble with a guy tonight telling me he will get me for something i was suppose to have done to him but its not true
  6. I had a house at 132 in Barium I dont go there much but my things was in there ...today i went and notices someone elses stuff was there ..I could not rez anything and noticed a different name on the land ...what is that all about thank you
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