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  1. Thank you very much. Putting a timer function was exactly what was needed. I was not familiar with using timer in the form of a loop like that. I have a bit of delay with it, but its managable and it works well. Thanks once again.
  2. I hope someone can help point me in the way to finding a solution to something that is probably pretty simple. I wrote a script to alpha to certain faces of a mesh at various times in order to simulate complicated machine motion (connecting rods on a locomotive, to be specific). This was successful, and I scripted this so that it the event is triggered by an if/else if statement that would engage the alpha setting or return it based on simple stop and start commands. That bit worked well. Where I run into a problem is in making that function loop. I have put the alpha setting instructions into a do/while loop. Once that begins. using the "stop" statement no longer works. I can't seem to find any trigger to stop the loop, once it begins. Am I looking over something simple? Is this possible to do?
  3. I can only say for our location, we don't allow any non-human, non-period correct avatar to become a member and roleplay. We try to keep things as historically accurate as possible. Are people too tall? Probably, a little, but that is just as much a matter of how things are perceived with camera view It looks as historically correct as possible (based on United States mid 1890's) and there were, to my knowledge, no anthropomorphic animals, vampires, werewolves, mummies, robots, or cell-shaded ponies walking about at the time. At the risk of seeming antagonistic, I have never seen a community/subculture seemingly pop up into existence hell-bent on its own martyrdom as some in the furry groups seem to be. I would not go into an ancient Roman sim expecting to be accepted as a 17th century cavalier. It would not be so much a part of my identity that I could not try on a different costume to take on the role offered at the new venue. Why do some people have such a hard leap understanding that?
  4. It's back. Tonight , this Saturday, at 7PM. The Federal Bureau of Amusement Bowling Weekly Bowling Tournament that Often Happens Weekly. Bring your bowling ball or left-over turkey to roll, and win. 500L prize to the winner of tonight's contest and a cool 2nd prize as well. Something horrible and unlikable for third place. Actually don't bring a bowling ball. We have those here. Search for Bureau of Amusement in-world, or go directly here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Seraph%20City/202/57/106
  5. Hello, I am throwing a one time dance party at a place of mine on SL, and have little experience with this. Someone was going to help me providing a dance machine (itan?) for couples. but they are unable to sign on. I have no need for such a device in the future, so i am interested in renting the use of sone from someone from this evening until midnight SLT tomorrow. If possible, please contact me in-world this evening. THanks. Jonathon Spires
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