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  1.  After over eight years on the mainland, the Silver King Grill is closing. By the end of the week it will be gone forever. The land is for sale and I am out of a job :( The Grill is practaclly famous. Thousands and thousands of avatars spent many of their first days in SL at the grill. Every single one requested friendship and/or asked me for a job. You probably still have the free roller skates in inventory. Here is a link if you want to visit one last time. Click here Good News! You can open your own Silver King Grill anywhere you want. Strat a franchise operation with a well-known brand. Full permissions with no restrictions. Get yours here. Waitress not included. Thanks to everyone who shared the fun with me over the years. It's been a blast :)
  2. Automatic Notifications (ANS) in My Marketplace. I cant find the information in KB. Can someone explain ANS or point me to more information? Please. Thank You.
  3. Thanks for the help. In this case, I can live with close. No one is going to hold a stopwatch up to my clock but me. I hope.
  4. I know that the TargetOmega effect is viewerside and variable. I spent significant trial and error the other day to arrive at -.066655, PI_BY_TWO for close to 60 sec. but that is 65 today. Viewer slowdowns notwithstanding, I was hoping for someone with more math skills than I to point out the exact rate and gain. At least I could take comfort in knowing the script was accurate if not the end result.
  5. I am making a clock and want to rotate a cylinder using llTargetOmega to display the seconds. Does anyone know offhand what combination of rate and gain I can use so one revolution = 60 seconds?
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