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  1. I've built some items in sl. when I try to open a store to sell them on SL marketplace, I receive the message: "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action." What I have to do?
  2. hi, there are at leas 2 hours can't login on sl: wh's in is in, others don't succed to enter. the secondlifegrid.net don't report anything. wd like to segnalate the problem
  3. I can not login. I get the message: "DNS could not resolve the host name" some friends are online. I can see them on sl webpage. but I can't. in any region I try to enter.
  4. the entire sim of grunther is blocked since yesterday september 3, 2012: one can not carry on any land; trying to cross or fly the area avatars goes in loop. how can I report the problem to lindenlab?
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