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  1. I just want to describe the Case. We was on a Place and there are many Residents with the Note in their Profile, that they had buyed their Avatars from others. Someone wrotes to her and asked about to buy an Alt from her. She was thinking about it and after an Odysee of Requests, she sell her. 3 Minutes later she was bannend permanently. She didn´t know, that it was against the TOS. We called the Support, wrote many Tickets and tried to explain the Situation. There must be an Option to get her Avatar free. Yes, it was an Failure but not one of the mean Ones. She just wanted to help someone, who wants an Avatar with a last Name, thats why she did it. We will wrote Tickets and call everyday until she get free. But maybe there is an easier Way to get her free. She don´t need the Money or something, she just want her Avatar back She never has any Problems or offences with the TOS. There must be a Way.. Pls Help Regards from her best Friend Keysha Karu
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