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  1. Illegal… No not by far. For starters. You are not paying for the movie; you are paying for the bandwidth you are using to view the movie. Second, the movie store you are referring to purchases there movies legally as an on line movie vendor and adds them to their servers for you to view, just like all the other online sites. Including Blockbuster, Netflix, Hulu, Exc. That is great that you can purchase movies in real life and have them to own, but you cannot do so and watch that movie with your friends and loved ones half way around the world. If you had done a lot of research in this matter you would not have posted this on the blog… MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU POST TO A BLOG YOU HAVE RESERCHED THE TOPIC YOU ARE POSTING ON. It is obvious to me that you have not done research and you know nothing about media use in Secondlife, you do not own the movie and you are not downloading anything. You are not allowed to keep the movie for future use. You are paying for access to watch the movie and that is it. Owning a movie store in Secondlife is a very expensive and complex business to own, just so people can watch movies with their friends and loved ones from all over the world. Oh and by the way WE pay the band with every time you view a movie from our server. It is repeat customers that keep “Our legal and legit business” open….
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