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  1. Its been a while since i felt the need to start a thread here but this concerns all the residents in world and could affect anyone who sells items ,Last weekl i was unlucky enough to be involved in some type of L$ Fraud and my account was promptly placed on administrative hold i was advised to either send a ticket or call them,after searching for a free phone number to call them i was put through to a lady who advised me that my account was on hold as a suspicious transaction had taken place through my account,i was told to just wait untill my account was activated again and that i could do nothing untill then,15 minutes later i was lucky enough to be back in world and back in business....... so i thought, 24 hours later i have to send a ticket asking why my account was on hold as no explanation is given to me and im left in the dark over the whole process Anyway to get to the point of this thread i have now found out that the reason my account was put on hold was that XXXXX resident purchased L$ from linden labs using a stolen credit card, the resident then proceeded to spend these in my shop. for the past 4 days i now have linden labs taking random amounts of money from my account to counter balance the stolen Lindens brought by the stolen credit cards, im not given any explanation or even a message explaining what there doing, The most frustrating thing about this is that theres nothing i can do to prevent this,when you think that its over nothing stops the thiefs from hitting your shop again and taking your products and you lose the money from your account when linden labs feel like taking it back Now i can understand that the money was stolen and that it needs to be returned to the rightfull owner but why is the security so lax?,also it seems that its not only credit cards they hit ,they hack into peoples accounts and do the same scam with stolen money , the result is the same for anyone unlucky enough to be sent this stolen L$.Linden labs will help them selfs to your account balance when it pleases them I sell no copy items that i have to buy no copy , i wont go into detail of my business here but i cant afford to give away item i have to buy and then get the money taken away from me by linden labs , i lose twice in this scam , im given ZERO support by any in world lindens and advised to file a ticket which goes unread or ignored for days . this scam is affecing a lot of people in my line of business but it could be your shop hit next you have been warned Any comments or advise be great
  2. Yes the games where created by the legit creator but the main scripts where copied and renamed then placed inside the game(s), The fraudsters contacted me and offered me them to buy as do a lot of residents in world do,I posted this here in adult as it seemed the best place to put it,Regadless of how the fraud was done its Linden Labs System of chasing up such deception that fails.Sure enough there will allways be unscrupulous people inworld as there is in the real world this wont ever stop , however there needs to be a better way of reporting such activity rather then the standard abuse report which where asked to do now.Its easy to say we should take more care of what we do in world but anyone can be fooled by the old invisble prim over a vendor scam which still takes place or any other scam they use still but who do we contact when where the victim? Anyone from Linden Lab care to reply ?
  3. L$35.000 (35k) no the objects did not steal my money when i rezzed them thats not the problem, the scam was the Resident selling me fake games that do not work So the scam involved them copying the main body of tha game to mak the game look like it came from the creator who made it, but the scripts inside where not genuine scripts that worked so the games are no good to use or sell on ( I buy and sell games).In a nut shell they copied the body of the game to make it look real but as they cant copy bot scripts they renamed them as the correct name and dragged them in the body of the prims the games even asked for permissions when purchased to even further make it look like there real , but in fact the games dont work its just a trick to make people belive there genuine games
  4. Ok about time i had a rant about the endless scams being pulled in world to earn a quick buck.Now i know they been around for years and there will allways be someone bringing back a old scam but my complaint is the way Linden Labs deal with these Accounts and Abuse Reports where told to file in order to see any of out money back that was stolen or taken from us.Today i lost L$35.000 from buying copybotted Products that appered to be genuine but was in fact a clever scam that tricks buyers into parting with there money.the products in questions was skill games which dont work so im left with very expensive pretty looking prims that i can do nothing with,So what should i do to get my money back?'File a abuse report' the lady tells me who represents Linden Lab who i spoke to on the telephone, this is of course the first thing i did when i realised what had happened,i know from past experience that this tends to be of no help and by the time LL look into it my moneys long gone and the thiefs moving onto there new account repeating the scam.from reading other posts LL rarely get involved between transactions between residents so wheres the deterrent for the thief ? Its not too much the money i lost that annoys me but the way Linden lab deals with the fraud , there was a linden who dealt in such cases but he left secondlife last month so now we have no one to contact when such fraud takes place.When nothing gets done or i get no reply from them it makes me wonder why i bother to even report these avators, fair enough i only have a basic account but the telephone support i got was shockingly bad also anyway rant over
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