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  • Linden Realms Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to Linden Realms!

    Linden Realms is a fun, creative, and engaging virtual experience produced and provided by Linden Lab.  Linden Realms takes you through basic exploration and gameplay, where you can earn Linden dollars by gathering gems and completing quests.  This article answers some frequently-asked questions about the experience.

    What do I need to access Linden Realms?

    To access Linden Realms, you need n valid Second Life account and a mesh-enabled vewer such as the official Second Life Viewer.

    How do I get back here?


    You cannot teleport to Linden Realms directly: you must find a portal inworld and walk through it to enter the experience.  You can find portals inworld at various locations.  See the Destination Guide for a list of portal locations.

    An example of a portal is shown at right.

    I tried to teleport to Linden Realms, but I got the error message "You do not have access to that region"

    Linden Realms regions work differently than normal regions.  You cannot teleport directly to them, and you must go through the portals to get access to the regions.  To get back in, find a portal (http://secondlife.com/destinations/realms) and walk through it.

    I tried to enter through the portal, but it didn't work

    If the Linden Realms regions have reached their maximum capacity, the portal turns off and will not allow more people to enter.  Wait a while and try again.

    How do I get crystals?

    To get crystals, walk over them using your avatar, but remember to keep an eye out for rock monsters!

    Is it safe?

    dangers.pngYes. Although the experience automatically attaches HUDs, animates you, and teleports you, your inventory is unaffected and you will not lose Linden dollars. It is entirely safe for you and your Second Life account.

    There are things in Linden Realms that can "kill" you: rock monsters, glowing toxic water (examples shown at left), and fireballs. However, you'll be reincarnated immediately.  See I'm suddenly somewhere different. What just happened?

    I'm suddenly somewhere different. What just happened?

    resurrection-circle.pngYou were just "killed" in the game by one of the hazards (like a rock monster, toxic water, or a fireball). Be more careful!  When this happens, you will be teleported to a “resurrection circle.” 

    These teleports occur automatically (without your permission). Don't worry: while this is not standard behavior in the rest of Second Life, it is the way Linden Realms is designed to work.

    I was in Linden Realms, but was teleported out. What happened?

    You will be teleported automatically out of Linden Realms if you perform an action not intended to occur within the experience. 

    Linden Realms requires the Linden Realms HUD, along with flight and teleport being disabled. If the HUD is detached, or if your avatar manages to teleport or fly within Linden Realms, the region will automatically teleport you to your home. This is done to ensure that the Linden Realms experience continues to operate within the intended design.

    If this is a recurring experience for you, check your scripts and attachments to ensure that they are not attempting to perform any of the actions listed above.

    How do I get the best visual appearance?

    To see Linden Realms as it was intended, enable region environment (Windlight) settings :

    1. Choose World > Environment Editor.
    2. Select Use region settings.
    3. Click OK.

    Then enable atmospheric shaders:

    1. Choose Me > Preferences.
    2. Click the Graphics tab.
    3. Select Atmospheric shaders.

    If you experience any graphics issues, follow these steps:

    1. Return to your home location.
    2. Log out of Second Life.
    3. Log in again.
    4. Walk through the LR portal again.

    Heads-Up Display (HUD) issues

    Many issues you may encounter are related to HUDs.

    How did this HUD get attached to me?

    hud.pngAs part of the Linden Realms experience, a heads-up display (HUD) will be attached to you automatically.  You won't be prompted to accept the attachment.  Don't worry: while this is not standard behavior in the rest of Second Life, it is the way Linden Realms is designed to work.

    Why does the HUD disappear when I log out?

    We do not want to compromise your inventory, so the HUD ias a temporary attachment that leaves your inventory unaffected.

    I'm in Linden Realms, but my HUD is not loading.

    We apologize if you have issues loading your HUD. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve your issue.

    What happens if I detach my HUD?

    If you detach the HUD, you will automatically be teleported out of Linden Realms back to your home location.  You will NOT lose your progress or status in the game.  Linden Realms stores all of your game information in a server data store.  You are free to come and go as you please, and get a new HUD without affecting your game data.

    If you detach your HUD outside of Linden Realms, occassionally you will teleport into mid-air, in your current region.  This is a known issue.

    While I was working on a quest, my HUD changed to display a different quest. What happened?

    It is possible to have multiple active quests at the same time. If you have more than one quest active, the HUD will display only the quest with the highest priority.

    This means that if you are working on a quest, but then take on a new quest that is of higher priority, the HUD will display the new quest, not the the old one. However, LR is still tracking the older quest and you can still complete it.

    I'm having trouble completing quests. What can I do?

    While we do our best to ensure all users have a great experience, in rare cases technical issues may prevent you from interacting with quest objects or advancing past certain quest objectives.

    To help resolve such issues, follow these troubleshooting steps:

    1. Remove conflicting HUDs and attachments - Certain avatar scripts can conflict with the Linden Realms experience. To isolate this problem:
      1. Exit Linden Realms.
      2. Remove any other HUDs and attachments.
      3. Re-enter Linden Realms through a portal.
      Note: We understand that HUDs and attachments can be an integral part of your experience; this is a temporary troubleshooting step to narrow down the root cause of the issue.
    2. Reset your Linden Realms HUD
      1. Exit Linden Realms
      2. Detach your Linden Realms HUD.
      3. Re-enter Linden Realms.
    3. Switch to another LR instance - All instances of Linden Realms operate independently, so try another one to see if your issue resolves. Check the Destination Guide for a list of available instances.
    4. Try the Official Second Life Viewer - Use the official Second Life Viewer to determine whether the issue you are encountering is related to a specific viewer. 

    I've completed several quests in Linden Realms, and now I'm not receiving any more.  Why?

    There are a limited number of quests you can complete in Linden Realms. If you have completed all the quests that are currently available, you will not be offered any additional ones. However, even though you have completed the quest content, you can continue to collect crystals, earn Linden dollars, and hang out with other Residents as long as you'd like! It's also worth checking the workshop every once in a while to see if we've added any new quests to the experience.

    What's a flare cannon?

    flare-cannon.pngOne of the quests in the experience directs you to find a "flare cannon." An example of a flare cannon is shown at right.

    How do I report griefing/camping/cheating?

    Linden Realms is subject to the same rules, regulations, and guidelines as the rest of Second Life.  In the Second Life Viewer, choose Help > Report Abuse to report abuse.

    For more information, see Filing an abuse report.

    How do I get more help?

    If you tried the troubleshooting steps above and were not able to resolve your issue, please create a support case on the Second Life customer support site. If the issue is particular to a specific inworld location or object, please provide the name of the object, along with the coordinates and Linden Realms instance number. 

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