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Starfire Outlander

Houses for rent

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Star Bright  -- Star Shine has very nice  houses for rent

The LM will take to the rental office so you can see what has been rented and pictures of the houses.

If any questions please  leave a notecard in my mailbox, Look in my picks for mailbox.

Lot: 1  L per week: 150  Prims : 100
A large one room house.

Lot 2   L per week: 400  Prims : 350
A Large open 1st floor and a nice open 2nd floor

Lot: 3   L per week: 250  Prims : 200
A very nice open 1 floor house

Lot: 4  L per week: 300  Prims : 250
A very nice house with 2 open floors.

Lot: 5  L per week: 250  Prims : 2 floors of open space and outdoor space

Lot: 6  L per week: 400   Prims : 350
Large house 2 floors, 2 bedroom,kitchen/dining .living room, open space

Lot:7 L per week: 800  Prims : 700
Very nice house 2 floors,4 rooms ,2 open spaces and nice outdoor areas

Lot:8   L per week: 700  Prims : 600
Very large house 2 floors, 6 rooms, 2 open spaces

Lot:9  L per week: 350  Prims : 300
3 room house with a nice outdoor area

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