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Photography Contest! Cash and advertising awards!

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Ok I really hope it's ok to post this here.  It seemed like the most fitting spot.  Sunset City, an adult RP sim is hosting a photography contest.  The sim has tons of different locations, from a creepy church, romantic beach, run down slum, elegant mansion, and the list goes on.  We want people to poke around in all the nooks and crannies and find some of the hidden little gems that make the place special.  The first prize is $2000l and an advertisement for your photography services (with LM giver) at the landing point of the sim.  We average about 19k in traffic so it's a pretty decent little spot to get your business noticed.  You must join the RP group (we rarely send notices so you won't be spammed) at least for the duration of the contest.  I'm pasting the notecard and SLurl below.  Happy clicking! 




Sunset City Photo Contest

Here it is folks, your chance to show off your skills while you help us show off our sim!  Plus you might make a little cash and get some prime advertising along the way.  Just read the rules below and then get out there and explore, find your favorite spots and start snapping. 

Pics can include avatars, adult content, landscapes, buildings, outside editing, whatever, as long as they depict some area or theme of Sunset City and the base photo is taken here in the sim.  We want to see how YOU see Sunset. 

Once the submissions are in, the sim owners and a panel of judges (as yet to be chosen) will decide on the winners.  In the event of any ties, both winners will get the full prize.
1st place - 2000L plus a 1 prim, 2x2m promotional display at the landing point in Sunset City where you can advertise your photography services for 30 days (a clickable lm giver is included in this display - If the 1st place winner doesn't require use of this prize it will be offered to 2nd, and so on).
2nd place - 1000L

3rd place -  500L

(Any honorable mention photos will receive 100l each based on the discretion of judges.)

                                 Entry Rules
1. You must be a member of the Sunset City Role Play group at the time of submission and when prizes are awarded.

2. Photo must have a resolution of 1024X1024

3. Maximum of 3 pictures per person can be entered in the contest.

4. By submitting a picture, you agree to the terms and conditions of the contest and you allow Sunset City, it's owners and or agents to display your work in the sim or use it in any future advertising and promotions.

5. Photo editing outside of sl such as filters, text or other enhancements are certainly allowed.  Your photo should showcase Sunset City in a creative and striking way but you can also use this to show off your talent for creating profile pics or logos.  Remember, part of the prize is advertising at the landing point!

1. Name your folder **Sunset City Photo Contest** - your name
2. Put your maximum 3 best pictures in the folder ( *** All Photos MUST BE full permissions and must be 1024x1024).
3. Drop folder to Saylor Sugarplum to submit.

The pictures will be judged by a panel of consisting of Sunset owners, admins and regulars.  Winners will be chosen based on skill and creativity, not popularity.

                        Deadlines and Winners Announcement
- Entries accepted until Monday, August 2
- Winners will be announced Friday, Aug 5 by group notice and on a billboard in the sim.  Monetary prizes will be awarded immediately via linden transfer whether winners are online or not.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4339 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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