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how to prevent my avatar of being the cloud for myself?

Noa Illios

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After you get things worked out, find an outfit you like and try to enjoy it for a few days. Refrain from attaching random objects to your Avatar.

When changing clothing or shapes/ skins/ shoes ect. some items need a few moments to appear, don't try to add the item twice or switch rapidly between selections. When an item is worn for the first time it has to be cached by your pc, it will appear sooner when worn after being cached.

Always try to log out of SL without being under heavy lag or in a laggy Region. If you start to freeze up try to wait it out, teleport to a different Region, allow your machine to recover.

Find a Viewer you like and stick with that Viewer. Changing Viewers by installing a new one everyday is not good for the pc.

Only clear your cache when it is the solution. I once went 2 years without clearing my cache. I think I have cleared my cache 3 times in 4 years.

Purchase or find quality clothing. I've read that 256 textures load 16x's faster than 512 textures. Flex prim clothing, wild hair, items with particles and effects could all potentially turn you into a cloud.

Second Life is dynamic, it is always changing. There are 100 ways to customize any objects. The objects are not rigid templates like many other virtual worlds. When a Resident encounters a problem there can be numerous reasons as to why that is happening.


If your a cloud, check your inventory to see what you are wearing, search the word Worn. Try changing outfits, it is possible a clothing item previously worn did not detach. Find an empty Region, place your cursor on your Avatar and zoom in on your Avatar with your camera and wait 2 minutes to see if you appear. Open your Statistic Bar/Page and see in you have any Pending Downloads that are not downloading. When doing nothing in an empty Region, pending downloads should be -0- If none of this works, try clearing your Cache. As mentioned by Ry0ta try Rebaking your Avatar. I think the key command is Ctrl+Alt-R


As a note, the latest Viewer Release for V2 has been having some issues, try a previous release or alternate viewer.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4098 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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