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LF Mesher, with Lelutka EVOx female head dev/kits/rigs


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I'm looking for a mesher. I would like to disscuss a possible commission for something I have yet to discover to buy on MP.

I am after some rigged bento eyebrows that would fit Leluka EVO x River specifically. I'd love some brows modelled like Night Elfs & Blood Elfs of World of Warcraft. Examples of what already exist on the MP are static and do not animate with Bento facial head animations, which is fine but I would like that added emotion and character. Heres an example what I would love to have but with rigging: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kio-Elvish-Brows/10718515 .

These brows I currently use are perfect in getting half-way there. Right shape and look etc. These are more Night Elf which is what I am after. Blood Elfs point higher up and more V shaped. I am not interested in selling the object but would favor it for MOD. So this idea is open to someone to fill a very niche thing I do not see on the MP. Where it could be used for Anime characters and much more! Thicker fuller brows which grow outwards from the face just don't seem to be around yet.

Notecard me please if you are instested in disscussing the deal. 

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